Elecnovo: Driving Green Mobility Through Indigenous Manufacturing Of Electric Motors

Ratul Borah,    Founder

Ratul Borah


Electric Vehicle (EV) segment is growing at a rapid pace not just in India but all over the world. The key reasons for the rapid growth are need of reduction in carbon emission, lower cost of transportation per kilometer compared to the equivalent Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles and cleaner mode of transport. The various government initiatives in India are helping the auto industry to focus on electric alternatives than conventional vehicles. With the spirit to achieve an eco-friendlier environment, the startups are working on new technologies and solutions for EV.

Elecnovo Private Limited, founded by Ratul Borah provides innovating solutions of motors and controllers to wide range of electric vehicles. Started in 2018, this Bengaluru based company is using their inhouse Research and Development (R&D) to design and manufacture powerful, efficient, compact, lightweight and top-notch motors for electric vehicles. Elecnovo is a technology-driven company with inhouse design and development, which is fully capable of delivering custom-engineered and application specific solutions to bring complete customer satisfactions.

The dynamic, Ratul Borah(Founder & CEO)of Elecnovo has been building a great path with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to make the electric dream successful in India. The
visionary entrepreneur has a sheer passion and deep enthusiasm to empower the electric motor industry with meaningful innovations that will bring a real change. Ratul Borah with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering possess global experience of several years of working overseas. The electric vehicle segment is a demanding application. So, under the profound leadership of the founder in the electric motor industry, Elecnovo is resolving the core issues of the electric vehicles market by providing reliable and cost-effective solutions of motors.

Elecnovo has indigenously designed and developed innovative, powerful, efficient and reliablemotors for electric vehicles

“Elecnovo is focused on implementing intelligence, innovation, invention, and improvements. Elecnovo has indigenously designed and developed innovative, powerful, efficient and reliable motors for electric vehicles”, says Ratul Borah, Founder and CEO of Elecnovo.

The company had filed three patents so far. Two patents are already granted. The company had been granted a patent on an invention, which is based on learning-based motor control system of Electric Vehicles. This technology optimizes the performance parameters of an electric vehicles by using an electronic system together with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. Another patent had been granted on an invention, which eliminates the need of physical sensors by creating artificial signals to run a Brushless DC Motor.

Elecnovo develops and provides motor and controller solutions to various EV segments such as electric scooters,electric motorcycles, electric light duty goods and passenger vehicles. The product portfolios at Elecnovo are organized in accordance with application segments. The company had launched a wide range of motors for light duty electric vehicles. The motors are ranging from 1kW to 10 kW for rated conditions of applications. 1kW to 3kW motors are being used for electric rickshaws and electric scooters. 4kW to 6kW motors are used in electric motorcycles and electric 3-wheelers. 7kW to 10 kW motors are being used in light duty goods and passenger vehicles.

“Elecnovo would continue to expand its applications geometrically and customers geographically. We aim to establish ourselves as one of the world leaders to provide green mobility solutions”, says Ratul Borah.