Elite Laboratory: Ensuring Accurate Assessment

 Sushant Kumar, DirectorQuality testing plays a key role in any construction or infrastructure development segment. As a result, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the materials to determine its ability to support the buildings or any other establishments. As an expert in this domain, Sushant Kumar had gained varied expertise and knew the in and out about the market. Though he began serving the sector in Delhi, he moved to his hometown Jharkhand and realized that none were serving in the domain and the requirements for the services that provide suitable testing services in the space were high. Looking at the market opportunities, he leveraged the expertise gained and established Elite Laboratory an ISO 17025:2005 certified NABL Accredited laboratory that provides soil testing & quality testing for building material.

As a service provider in the field infrastructure development and constructions, the company acts as a third party quality testing agency, supporting the government sector and private players as well. It delivers an extensive range of building material testing from the pre construction phase till post construction besides the other field of testing, analyzing the quality of building materials, testing a wide range of construction materials. It is also ensures
safety and prolonged existence in any civil construction & roads. Apart from this it provides end-to-end soil testing solutions to the clients

Highlighting the USP of the company, Sushant Kumar, Director says, “We offer services with uncompromised quality to the client and also maintain the testing quality in the laboratory from the inception stage. We offer on time delivery of reports. We also provide them with crime critical solutions that would not delay any further processes. Our reports are delivered ontime with accurate analysis of every aspect of the materials with service charge limited to one or two percent.”

Financially Elite Laboratory marked growth from 5-6 lakh profit to 50-60 lakh turnover in the short span

The company imports equipment for other states of the country to ensure that high-end equipment are used. It completely follows Indian Standards at every step of its offerings. At every category of testing the company accomplishes tasks as per the regulations which are monitored by the Quality Council of India or Bureau of Indian Standards.

Staying ahead in the market, it adapts to newer technologies as per the client's requirements. It upgrades equipment from time-to-time and changes the setups as needed to provide relevant services to the customers. Elite Laboratory ensures customer satisfaction by continuously obtaining feedback from the clients through forms. “Apart from that we constantly check reviews online. We are making efforts to understand the mindset and needs of clients through social media which is necessary to improve the services we offer,” he exclaims.

Beginning the journey with two clients the company is now dealing with around 72 clients in government and private market. While it serves in the infrastructure development and construction segment for the government, it also caters to private players such as L&T and others. At present, it has spread wings to other verticals and started operations in the chemical segment as well. Financially the company marked growth from 5-6 lakh profit to 50-60 lakh turnover in the short span. Scaling the business it looks forward to providing consultancy services and survey designs for builders and contractors while expanding the presence in and around Jharkhand.