Elitefit.Ai: AI-powered Virtual Physical Trainer Changing the Game in Healthcare, Sports & Fitness Space

Ani Bhalekar, Co-Founder & CEO

Ani Bhalekar

Co-Founder & CEO

The last few decades have marked a significant shift toward digitalization. Coupled with the pandemic It has propelled all things technology to the forefront of everyone’s mind. From finance to healthcare, nothing was spared; all sectors had to evolve or perish. For example in the fitness sector, globally, gyms and yoga studios were forced to adhere to strict safe distancing rules and it ultimately lead to the closure of some fitness goliaths.

Beneath the harsh circumstances, not all hope was lost - as we witnessed an explosion of sports and fitness content creators sprouting online. Tabata, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, you name it, you have it online. Unsurprisingly, the world also saw a massive spike in home exercise-related injuries in 2020 during the same period.

These were the exact reasons which inspired Ani Bhalekar, Co-Founder & CEO of ELITEFIT.AI, together with his co-founders, all with diverse and deep knowledge in artificial intelligence, technology and a burning passion to democratize highend physio/ physical training tech to the world to help individuals train safely, anytime, anywhere, on-demand on the apps and website of their choice.

The end result? A fully customizable & an easily integratable AI-powered virtual
personal trainer which uses a mixture of computer vision and motion AI to provide end users with real-time feedback on their training, anytime, anywhere. Users can track their workout progress, accuracy scores, and calories burnt and get prescriptive feedback on how to improve their next workout. The best part? Hit all those physical training milestones in complete privacy, without the need for any sort of wear ables or additional devices. Just the smartphones, laptops or tablets suffices!

ELITEFIT.AI aims to be the enabler to help companies provide a differentiated consumer experience, increase revenues, prevent user churn, & improve overall customer engagement & experiences

Supported by Sports Singapore, a statutory board with deep expertise in sports & fitness science, ELITEFIT. AI continuously improves on their accuracy and precision with technical input from Sports Singapore to deliver the best training experience to end users! They have also been recently accredited by the Infocomm and Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) SPARK Programme for being one of the few selected ICM startups which have been ascertained to have displayed high growth potential through the fulfillment of 3 key areas Technical capabilities, financial stability, and operational fulfillment capabilities.

With all the right foundations in place, ELITEFIT.AI has its sights set on the B2B2X business model.It aims to be the enabler to help companies provide a differentiated consumer experience, increase revenues, prevent user churn, and improve overall customer engagement and experiences. “Given that we are a software-as-aservice (SaaS) company, we regularly do new feature rollouts every bi-weekly and are quick to respond to client and end-user requests, with plans to collaborate with more business sectors in India, including Healthcare, Insurance companies, and Fitness and Sports services. To be their AI technology partner to better serve their end users”, says Ani Bhalekar, Cofounder & CEO, ELITEFIT.AI.

Some notables they have partnered with include Pure Group (Hong Kong), FITA/Telkomsel (Indonesia), Singtel (Singapore), and Simple Soulful App (India) by Shilpa Shetty. With a combined reach of over >200 million worldwide, the possibilities are endless! Onto a world with improved fitness and reduced injuries and more convenient personal training powered by AI!