elSpectra: Caselets a Smart Content Sales Enablement Platform

Sridhar Vanaparthi,  CEO & Co-Founder

Sridhar Vanaparthi

CEO & Co-Founder

Innovations that emerge from personal strife of the creators over a long period in professional life have a higher probability to solve specific industry challenges. Thomas Edison (1847 - 1931, Inventor), once said & There's always a way to do it better. Just go find it. The elSpectra team did just that. They found a new & refreshing way to solve the perennial challenges faced by B2B & Tech/IT firms in developing the right sales content and responding faster to prospects with context specific & role relatable propositions and credentials.

The Context
Sridhar Vanaparthi, CEO & Co-founder of elSpectra, who comes with over two decades of experience in the Tech/IT industry, states that a peek at a few examples of day-to-day expressions in an IT company tells the story. Business development professionals often say & It takes too long to respond to prospects with custom content & Presales and content specialists rue & We seem to have content but we need time to produce decent looking artifacts as the content resides across multiple presentations and documents.

While a subject matter expert refutes & I don't think the content we have is deep enough but I do not have too much time for content. executives think that the real issue is that the sales teams are not abreast of the firm's latest solutions and credentials. Eventually the prospective buyer quips Either I get too much content or do not see specific information that I need in time.

Of course, this is not an easy task for B2B customer facing professionals without using the right tools.

The Genesis
Sridhar appeared like a possessed man to solve these day-to-day issues when he got me to join forces two years ago. Ravichandran, a senior partner at elSpectra, who also comes with more than 20 years in the Tech/IT industry, reminisces. While our goal was to build a product and offer as a SaaS platform for companies to develop and manage content, we also wanted to help teams with services for developing techno functional sales & marketing content.

Thus a startup with a particular focus on sales enablement got formed in late 2017. The idea behind the name of their startup(elSpectra)that highlights the communication technique of'appealing to both emotion(e) and logic(l)to convince buyers faster'demonstrates their creativity, intensity and depth. The concept is an inspiration from Aristotle's Rhetoric an ancient Greek treatise on the art of persuasion that elaborates on & Ethos Pathos and Logos & as the modes of persuasion.

The Solution And Offerings
The core idea of their platform a simple yet
powerful one, comes from the fact that most of the sales communication revolves around the problems the firm solved(Case Studies) and the issues that the firm can address with its solutions and services(Use Cases). elSpectra created a software platform CaseletsTM that makes it easier to develop, customize host and share content for use cases and case studies to buyers and partners leveraging a responsive web application. The platform helps sellers and customer facing teams respond faster to prospect's needs with the most relevant, latest accurate and appropriate information at all times wherever they are. The platform also acts as a real time sales knowledge management hub making sales team on-boarding faster and ensuring that all customer facing teams have up-to-date information about their solutions and credentials.

Sellers, marketers, subject matter experts and other client facing teams become magicians with CaseletsTM, pulling the right card at the right time for the right audience across the sales cycle resulting in increased conversions and shortened sales cycle

Complementing their platform CaseletsTM, with their inter disciplinary skills in technology, analysis, design, and writing elSpectra offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution of developing content for offerings, solution use cases, case studies, and customer success & employee impact stories and hosting them on a cloud platform in a SaaS based model. elSpectra's story has just begun as a new entry with a unique solution in the industry category of sales enablement & engagement platforms. They have an exciting roadmap of new solutions in content development presentation, and analytics that will expand and deepen the scope of their solutions.

Core Team
Sridhar Vanaparthi
CEO & Co-Founder
•Brings in a blend of experience and expertise in technology, product management and sales & marketing content development
•25+ years in the IT industry across global large organizations, startups and small & midsized companies

Ravichanrdan R
Director ­ Delivery & Operations
• Deep experience & expertise in delivery and people engagement including delivery centric sales support
• 25+ years in the IT industry across global large organizations

Industry Projection for Sales Enablement Platforms
Markets and Markets expects the global market size for sales enablement platforms to grow from USD 1.1 billion in 2019 to USD 2.6 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.8% during the forecast period. Growing need among enterprises to improve the internal business process and boost sales performance will drive the growth of the sales enablement platform market across various industries globally.

elSpectra's Key Deliverable
300+ Caselets (Solution Use-Cases and Case Studies) developed over the last two years for 15+ clients in a variety of areas Digital, IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, Integration, and IT & Product Engineering services with close to 100 of them hosted on the platform.

B2B & Tech/IT firms across the world

Who need to
Develop and respond to prospects with relevant content for their propositions and credentials

elSpectra's Solutions
CaseletsTM a SaaS based smart content sales enablement platform and content strategy & development for solution use cases case studies and impact stories

To increase lead conversions and shorten sales cycle

The sales enablement platforms that manage existing artefacts developed with other presentation and documentation tools, CaseletsTM, helps in both content production and management natively in a web application