Eminent Digitals: Delivering Eminent Strategies for Businesses

In the modern day world, enterprises, big or small, have a Facebook page for their business, and if they don’t, then it is advisable to get one as that can do wonders for their business. Why just a Facebook page, today several organizations have their social presence and websites because the world is going digital, and to stay ahead of the pack, they’re getting rid of their traditional marketing techniques. Adopting a digital marketing platform to promote their business is the best thing they can do to reach out to the audience. But for this, the companies must ensure that they select the right agency with the right marketing strategy. Therefore, to help these companies in this process, Eminent Digitals a rapidly growing ROI-driven, 360-degree digital marketing and media solutions agency made its debut in 2018 with its delivery center in Pune. The agency’s forte lies in delivering eminent strategies for its client’s business at par with that of MNCs of the world. The name it self portrays its experience, courage, and confidence in technologies and the ability to deliver outputs.

Eminent Digitals introductory presentation for clients always begins with ‘We have all that your business needs.’ Right from lead generation to converting the leads by confirming the sales or the subscription services, the company tracks all the instances of a potential customer once he/she visits the website or app. “In today’s world, data is crucial, and the one who manipulates the data and knows how to utilize it is the king. We offer our clients the idea of becoming the king by properly utilizing the data they have. By analyzing the data, we easily study the online behavior of the prospect and create an algorithm separately for them to make their online experience much better,” says Shubham Godselwar, Founder & Director, Eminent Digitals. Today, the agency offers a complete portfolio of services from website development to BPO services.
Shubham Godselwar ,Founders & Directors

Shubham believes that life is a challenge, and business just adds to it. Like every other startup, Eminent Digitals too faced the crunches of the initial investment. But with the right resources, the right clients who trusted on its instincts and strategies, the company soon overcame it. The agency also implemented different methodologies when it came down to project management. It extracts the best output without losing the number of hours. Multitasking on many projects at the same time seemed to be effective, but it tired out managers and executives draining their creativity and efficiency. So, it merged Critical Chain Project Management and Six Sigma strategies to come up with its version. Today this methodology has been delivering desired outputs, and the team is happy and has enough time to work on more projects at a time. “We believe that the more clients you have, the more you grow. Our clients are extremely ambitious, and we try to meet all their expectations right on the same notes. Meeting deadlines are important to us as we know that our clients trust in our work and efficiency,” he adds.

EminentDigitals portrays its experience, courage, and confidence in technologies and the ability to deliver outputs

Shubham firmly believes that every employee is the backbone of the company. He encourages its people to learn every technology and implement them in creating winning strategies for clients. The agency creates a workplace that fosters a strong sense of trust within their organization. With other plans in the pipeline, Eminent Digitals is planning to develop an AI integrated software where it tracks the user’s behavior and online surfing trends to find out how and where a cybercrime can occur. The first phase of the software is ready and is gearing up the whole process with more talented prospects in the coming future.