Eminent Infosolutions: Transforming Enterprises with Innovative IT Solutions

Ehtesham Khan,     CEOThe Indian system integrator market thrives as a dynamic and rapidly growing sector, projected to achieve an impressive 12.5 percent CAGR from 2022 to 2027. This upward trajectory is propelled by factors such as the widespread adoption of automation and digitization, the exponential growth of the cloud computing market, and the increased emphasis on security and compliance. In the realm of IT, system integrator companies assume a paramount role, bridging technological gaps, harmonizing diverse components, and orchestrating seamless functionality within complex systems. Enter Eminent Infosolutions, the global game changer revolutionizing organizations with visionary IT solutions. With a primary focus on cutting-edge hardware, encompassing servers, storage, backup solutions, and virtualization, alongside their expertise in networking and security solutions.

Based in Nagpur, Eminent Infosolutions is a distinguished IT powerhouse, specializing in hardware solutions encompassing servers, storage, and backup. While offering occasional ERP consulting services, the firm’s predominant customer base thrives in the realm of hardware, networking, and security solutions. With a visionary ambition to become a globally acclaimed technology and management consulting firm, Eminent Infosolutions strives to secure a place among the top 50 IT solutions, services, and consulting companies by 2025, also Eminent Infosolutions is registered under the Startup India initiative program for its innovative and unique business proposition. Committed to
excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the firm fosters value creation for all stake holders, upholding unwavering integrity, business acumen, and respect for individuals.

Standing Out
“We are a leading IT Infrastructure and ERP Solution Provider focused on creating business value & results for the customer through an array of innovative IT solutions, services, and products. We use our industry and business process knowledge, coupled with our strong understanding of emerging technologies, and new technology trends to design and implement solutions for our clients”, speaks CEO, Ehtesham Khan. The firm’s offerings encompass SAP ECC/ERP Consulting Services, Infrastructure Services, and Cloud Services. Through its SAP and ERP Consulting expertise, the firm facilitates end-to-end implementations, conducts comprehensive audits, and provides Application Management Services. Eminent Infosolutions’s Infrastructure Services encompass enterprise architecture, product lifecycle management, and robust server solutions. Eminent Infosolutions specializes in configuring and implementing Kubernetes Systems on various platforms, including Ubuntu. They are experts in Container Orchestration Systems, enabling automated software deployment, scaling, and management. The firm also possesses proficiency in Ansible Automation, allowing them to define, build, and update automation environments without relying on platform administrators.

Backed by a team with an impressive cumulative IT experience spanning over three decades, Eminent Infosolutions possesses a treasure trove of seasoned wisdom. At EIPL, employees are not just partners but an extended family, where their well-being, growth, and potential are prioritized, resembling the care and attention given to one's own children. “With a team comprising decades of industry experience in Enterprise Consulting, Technology, Managed services, IT support, and infrastructure, we strive to bridge the gap between the IT requirements of organizations and cost-effective solutions that deliver value”, says Ehtesham Khan.

Eyes on Excellence
Eminent Infosolutions envisions a future of exponential growth and expansion, with a strategic focus on extending its verticals across the entire nation. With a strong presence in Bhopal, Pune, Ranchi, and Delhi, and its headquarters in Nagpur, the firm is primed to broaden its reach and impact. Upholding the belief that each client is an extraordinary entity, Eminent Infosolutions diligently designs exclusive solutions that precisely align it’s their distinct business needs. The firm’s unwavering dedication is to propel clients forward in every facet of its operations, encompassing strategic planning and dayto-day activities. With an innovative mindset, Eminent Infosolutions is poised to revolutionize organizations nationwide, leading the way to transformative success.