Engenext Software Solutions :Delivering Next Generation Software Technology

Aniruddha Raste,FounderBrought into being by a passionate technocrat Aniruddha Raste, Engenext Software Solutions is an avant-garde tech firm that puts forward a horde of technological solutions involving CAD Systems, Kernels to Foundation Technologies. The idea behind the genesis of this establishment was to cater the core engineering software requirements in the ever-evolving industry. The company provides Engineering Consulting Solutions, Engineering & Business Process Integration, and Intellectual Property Capture. More appreciable is the shrewd priority given by the company to export thereby contributing to the much-desired inflow of Forex into the country. Engenext offers its technology to clients across the globe, in addition to participating in various trade shows and conferences. In fact, it is this conversance of diverse stances, probes, expertise and requirements that has enabled the company to frame the best offerings and helped the company grow from a one-man establishment to an 8-member team of engineering professionals in a short span of three years. “My expedition as an entrepreneur began with the establishment of Engenext Software Solutions in the year 2017 but my interest in science and technology is kind of inborn. While I was pursuing my post-graduation from IIT Powai, I developed great fascination for combining the adroit attributes of computer learning and Mechanical Engineering and chose to devise CAD/CAM software development systems. That is exactly where the inspiration triggered off which enticed me to take the step towards proprietorship and structure Engenext- as a one stop firm for all engineering software needs,” narrates Aniruddha Raste, Founder, Engenext Software Solutions.

The Team
The brains associated with this unique services and solutions provider are top-drawer young and enthusiastic engineers whose proficiencies and dab hands in technical fields help the company to craft the finest products and solutions. The team is able to maintain a healthy work life balance with immense job satisfaction which is the biggest motivator for delivering quality results. The appreciative fact about Engenext Software Solutions is that it has bestowed equal expanse for women.

As a matter of fact, half the workforce are women. In order to keep the team inspired
and contented, it has been exercising a healthy work culture with an open office environment. It has rebuffed to practice hierarchy system which helps in avoiding the all sorts of qualms in the working space. Employees are able to work comfortably under a cordial atmosphere where ideas, opinions and differences are welcomed. “We understand that openness, sharing,flexibility, passion to learn, experimentation are some of the major attributes of truly great place to work for and we do put all these into practice to be an ideal firm for job seekers look up to and members of the existing workforce to stay too. We boast of a very low attrition rate,” he adds.

Stepping up the Ladder
Engenext has espied systematic buildouts. From broadening its clients base to extending its reaches, the company has burgeoned in every aspect. In terms of revenue, it has come across a 20 per cent year-on-year growth. "We are making headway at a regular pace. Bit by bit we are expanding ourselves from all angles. In a span of two years, we have increased the number of clients and are also working towards enhancing our stature in the ecosystem by ameliorating the services we offer and adding a few more in the list." he adds.

Engenext Software Solutions Has Espied Systematic Buildouts. From Broadening Its Clients Base To Extending Its Reaches, The Company Has Burgeoned In Every Aspect.

Its Plans for the Time Ahead
Taking into consideration the propitious propensity of the engineering domain, the initiator of the company has settledhis mind on establishing newfangled approaches and solutions. Along with this he has also planned to take the company to a whole new level by further expanding across borders. The core end in view is to become the one trusted name in the ecosystem for all engineering software needs.


• Industrial Storage
• Shipping
• Automobile
• Orthodontic
• Metrology

CAD Systems
• CATIA along with CAA
• Bricscad along with BRX
• Numerous custom technologies
• More can always be learned!

• Parasolid
• Developed custom kernels for specific use

Foundation Technologies
• C++, C#
• WPF, MFC, Qt
• NHibernate
• MySQL, SQLite

Tools & Techniques
• Subversion, Git
• Quickbuild
• Bugtracker.Net
• SourceMonitor
• NUnit, JIRA