Engineering & Environmental Solutions: Curating Customized Engineering & Innovative Technologies for Environmental Monitoring & Preservation

Mohd. Hamza,  Founder

Mohd. Hamza


Today, the cleantech startup landscape in India is continuously evolving, and new startups are emerging or have gained prominence. However, there is still limited awareness and even limited cleantech options and this hinders widespread adoption across various sectors. A pioneer in the cleantech segment is Engineering and Environmental Solutions, an Aligarh-based firm that is driven with the objective of not just making consumers aware of cleantech solutions but also addressing the challenges by offering breakthrough technological solutions that are centralized towards protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable tomorrow. The customized turnkey approach of the firm provides meticulous engineering, helping customers achieve their ESG and resource conservation goals while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. E&E Solutions ensures seamless compliance with environmental regulations laid by apex environmental bodies like CPCB and National Hydrology Committee, making the adoption of sustainable practices both feasible and effective for businesses across diverse industries.

Engineering a Greener Future
E&E Solutions began its journey in 2015 as a young startup with a vision to impact the environment positively. The company is driven by a skilled team with distinct qualifications lead by Mohd. Hamza, a chemical engineer from Aligarh Muslim University and collectively they aim to provide innovative and sustainable solutions in environmental monitoring and engineering.
Over the years, E&E Solutions has grown into a 150 crore enterprise, specializing in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining air, hydrological, meteorological, and particulate monitoring systems. As pioneers in the field, E&E Solutions has successfully intertwined engineering and environment to create a safer and more secure living for future generations. “With a customer- centric approach and dedication to environmental monitoring and management, E&E Solutions continues to thrive and make a mark in the industry”, says Mohd. Hamza.

E&E Solutions offers an all-pervasive range of environmental monitoring solutions covering the Air, Hydrology, and Meteorology categories. The company's flagship products include Groundwater Level Sensors, Flow Meters, Weather Stations, Stack Emission Monitoring, and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems. Leveraging technology, the company pioneers radar-based sensing solutions, ensuring cutting-edge offerings. “With a strong emphasis on quality and effectiveness, E&E Solutions remains at the forefront of the environmental monitoring industry”, adds Mohd. Hamza.

E&E is a forerunner in IoT based sensor technologies for environmental monitoring

E&E Solutions sustains its competitive advantage through a combination of unique factors as its USP lies in its commitment to customized engineering, where each project is meticulously studied to provide tailored solutions. Offering low-cost solutions, the dedicated teams configure products to fit optimal budget estimates. Integrating a cloud platform allows customers to visualize and analyze data efficiently, supported by seamless connectivity options. With indigenous designing and coding, the company maintains complete control over its products, ensuring robust engineering and competent performance even in extreme weather conditions. Being a one-stop solution provider, it handles the entire process from supply to installation, testing, and commissioning, backed by a proven track record of reliable and efficient environment solutions. The company ensures top-notch quality and effectiveness of its products by obtaining certifications from reputable organizations such as the Ministr of MSME, Govt. of India, TUV Rheinland CE, and ISO9001.

E&E Solutions envisions becoming the supplier of choice by committing to low-cost, high quality environmental products. The company aims to establish a technology-driven organization innovation as its backbone, providing future- oriented environmental solutions through customized engineering. Moving forward, the company aims to continue growing in environmental solutions,adding newer and innovative low-cost technology options to facilitate companies in making optimum budget environmental investments.