Enriched Tech Media: Where Quality Meets Closure!

Friends who share common thoughts and aspire to achieve bigger goals come out with brighter ideas to procure their desires. Enriched Tech Media is one such company that was established by a team of three zealous mates who strived to make a breakthrough in the marketing sector with their innovative ideas and unconventional solutions. The young team which includes Aloysius Joseph, Jordan Joseph and Shakoor Shaikh, who possess varied experiences for a couple of years and confronted several issues in this space. Their exposure to this expanding landscape prompted them to harness the potential of technology and add much more value to the current state of the market. Healthy debate and exchange of ideas to outperform the giants in the industry while creating a significant identity for themselves incited them to jointly venture Enriched Tech Media in the year 2018.

The journey as a new player in this highly competitive brought several challenges. These working class individuals who left everything back to pursue their desire were hindered by lack of financial support. The bootstrapped company strived immensely to mark standards and reach a stable position in the domain. Throwing light on the initial days, Jordan says, “The propagation of presence and gaining the attention of the clients involved great efforts. Also, satisfying the entire operational needs with minimal prime investment was an adventurous attempt.”

Since the start, the company strongly believes in a rule to adapt and survive, though they encountered multiple snags nothing set them behind as they are aligned with the market trend. Overcoming all the stumbling blocks, Enriched Tech Media is now turned as a powerful team of 15 from four. “Currently we are dealing projects with three direct international clients and several domestic clients as well. Our major functional regions are Canada, India and the USA,” he exclaims, in a proud sense. The overall transformation
from five percent to 30-60 percent profit portrays visible success rate of the company.
Aloysius Joseph, CFO, Jordan Joseph, CEO, Shakoor Shaikh, Client Delivery Head, Rohan Chouran, Operations Head
Offering services in various cities, Enriched Tech Media is providing Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Brand Endorsements, Product Marketing, Venture Marketing along with B2B Lead Generation and Email Marketing to help small businesses in order to grab customer’s attention. “While the other players in the market are focusing on an outsource model, we at Enriched follow a different process which completely concentrates on ‘Data’. We maintain long term stability with the clients and enhance the growth & visibility of their organization through data,” he avers. After analyzing and understanding the client's needs the company inputs the information through various channels that involve data prediction to cater the best deserved by the customers.

The transformation from five percent to 30-60 percent profit portrays success rate of Enriched Tech Media

“We tirelessly work on campaigns for our clients in order to implement out-of-box ideas and deliver much more than what they deserve. Over the years, we have met our own set target goals by increasing the manpower and augmenting the infrastructure to support the clients. The team’s determination and support paved the path for the success,” asserts Jordan.

Escalating the company’s status, the proficient team is looking forward to adding more strength in terms of workforce and clients. It is open to investors to widen the presence across the world. As part of the expansion plan, Enriched Tech Media is aiming to mark visibility in various locations and also to connect many talented candidates. “ Scaling up to heights, we are pooling more funds to get bigger, better and turn out as one of the top 10 media agencies in the country,” he concludes.