Enso Corporation: Developing Solutions Tailored towards Supporting Businesses of Multiple Industries

Rahul Ramakrishnar,Manager Marketing and Brands

Rahul Ramakrishnar

Manager Marketing and Brands

The significance of data analytics in any sector is compounded, creating enormous quantities of knowledge that can provide useful insights into the field. This has resulted in a surge in the data market over the last ten years. Data compilation can be enhanced by data analysis to provide decision making insights. Data analytics assist organizations and businesses in gaining insight into the vast amount of knowledge required for future production and growth. Data analytics collects and transfers useful data from trivial information, then analyses data to provide numerical statistics and trends that might lead to economic improvements. In all large companies, the importance of data analytics in business is a part of strategic growth, allowing them to forecast consumer trends and actions, boost competitiveness, and make evidence-based decisions.

Significantly, one of the fastest flourishing firms laying its expertise in Data Analytics, converting raw data into actionable data is Enso Corporation. The firm was founded in early 2020 by a group of IT professionals who shared a common objective of becoming well known entrepreneurs and data analysts. It was in 2019 when they realized that there were several flagship products and industry
behemoths that were always focusing on automation or operational level data. The founding members of Enso Corporation, on the other hand, believed that they could combine any existing systems or information that had been captured in any way or format into a meaningful dashboard for industry and operational level people to top management, and empower them to make certain decisions on any of their operational bottlenecks. This was the driving force behind IT professionals forming a company dedicated to being the preferred solution provider for automating business processes.

When it comes to scalability, the corporate world of today is always changing. Enso Corporation offers a complete ERP solution which has a no-code platform and can be adapted to any vertical to meet the ever-changing needs. The firm puts its specialty in adapting to their changing requirements and modifying the process and solution according to their procedures, having a perfect understanding of the scenario. It conducts thorough research, ascertains the client's needs, and implements industry-standard and internationally proven best practices. The firm lays its expertise in business intelligence and data analytics, wherein it leveraging a product called ‘Qlik’. Apart from Business Intelligence and ERP, Enso also provides Custom Application Development as well as complete social media analysis. Currently, the firm is catering its services to various industrial verticals which include manufacturing, retail, distribution, financial institution, Fashion, Apparel/Textile, and more. “Our core focus area is to provide clients the technological benefit of being able to simulate and comprehend how they might look at specific predictive analyses, with the information always at their fingertips,” signifies Rahul Ramakrishnar, Manager Marketing and Brands.

Enso Corporation stands tall due to its team's expertise and experience. It is manned by professionals that have extensive industry knowledge as well as technology competence. Thus, the right blend of skills and experience has given the firm an edge and moved toward being a thriving company. Having said that, it wasn’t an easy road for Enso Corporation as it was established shortly after the global pandemic began where the country went into lockdown. The first year was a bumpy road for the firm but the core leadership team had that faith, strength, determination and went an extra mile to make the goal a reality, which paid off with tremendous growth compared to where it began, owing to excellent standardized work. And as it proceeds ahead, the firm is looking forward to expanding in the international market.