Entuze: Making the Next generation Job Ready with through Simplified Learning and Personalized Algorithms

Sudip Chakraborrty, Sudhendu Kumar Basu, & Anirban Sen,Co-Founders The genesis of Entuze can be linked to the founders’ individual experiences in the job field. Sudhendu Kumar Basu, hailing from a rural Bengal made it to the top echelons of the Indian software industry. He personally experienced the hard path the aspirants from tier 2, tier 3 cities face to chase their professional dreams. After spending over a decade in the corporate world he shared his dream to address this, with his fellow-mates Sudip Chakrabortty and Anirban Sen, who being engineers themselves, were equally passionate to bridge the gap between college & corporate through latest technologies. Together they wanted to disrupt the cycle of rote learning that produced chronically under-skilled professionals. The vision of the trio culminated in the formation of Entuze – that signifies education, training & zeal.
“We are a cloud-based mobile-ready hybrid learning, upskilling and recruitment platform that prepares college graduates and early career professionals for 21st century jobs, thus serving the common passion of making the next generation of candidates industry ready through cognitive training, smart assessments, industry-focused upskilling, mentoring and placement,” said Basu, Founder & CEO.
Driven by the passion to make the next generation job ready, Entuze started with understanding the skill needs of the industry, quality of education and the teaching patterns for both offline & online domains. The company carefully designed a technology platform that acted like a GPS for learning - that navigated the individuals from their initial position, to the industry role best suited for them and is a guide for their entire upskilling and placement journey.

Entuze solves the college-to-corporate skill gap through proprietary algorithm, world-class curriculum, next-generation methods and state-of-the-art technology platform

Powered towards Right Career Choice & Industry Needs
Entuze’s current mission is to deliver a professional candidate who is highly upskilled and fully employable for a particular job role. Basu asserts, “the power of the Entuze lies in encouraging the candidates towards the right career, arm them with the right education content and thereby making them stellar in their job role.” The company is one of the first Indian platforms that identifies a candidate’s passion, socio-economic background, hidden talents and personality - and implements this on a mass scale. Entuze now offers specific job-related courses for roles such as Data Analyst, Digital Marketer and Banking Associates

Powered by its ‘Intelligent Learning Platform’ catering to a spectrum of
educational segments, the company offers three key products. EnSkill imparts essential employability skills such as Communication, Quantitative Aptitude, Core Business Skills and job-specific hard skills. EntApp translates assessments information into a 360-degree look into a candidate. And, EnScore predicts suitability of candidates for specific job roles. E.g. for a candidate, her EnScore for a Digital Marketing role could be 90 % but 50 % for a Financial Analyst role.“Our solutions will not only help employees unleash their talent at the right place but also help employers to better allocate their time and effort to manage their resources," added Basu.

Technology is the key tool that helps Entuze to solve the college-to-corporate skill gap through their proprietary algorithm, world-class curriculum, next-generation methods and state-of-the-art analysis platform. It facilitates free flowing engagement between learners, industry professionals and trainers.
Expanding Wings Across
Bangalore based Entuze with its wide presence in Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & AP, is also partnering with Telangana Association for Skill and Knowledge (TASK), Government of Telangana. Entuze has directly or indirectly engaged with over 200 colleges so far across Tier1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities including districts.Actively engaging with employers in Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Chennai regions, Entuze has acquired brand name companies and startups as its clients for placing candidates. Basu concludes, “We are passionate about making a broad and serious impact on the society. We are planning to expand to western and eastern Indian states and looking to expand our solutions to early career professionals in 2018”