Envogreen Energy: A Firm Dedicated To Its Vision Of A Cleaner & Greener Future

L-R: Venkatesh Logidasan, Director - Operation Aruna Bharathi Chandrasekar, Director - Data Analyst Senkadhir Baalu, Director - Business Development, India is committed to ensuring a bright and equitable future for all people everywhere, and it is an eco-conscious global partnership that aims to reach the $10 trillion milestone by 2035. Businesses and investors seeking to meet the rising demand for green energy solutions in India now have many promising new avenues to explore thanks to the green energy revolution. Being established in 2021, Envogreen Energy is a leading firm in the waste management sector.

It is specialized and believes in sustainable fuel development & in recycling highly refined natural wastes for a greener and cleaner environment. Aruna Bharathi, Senkadhir Baalu, and Venkatesh Logidasan initiated Envogreen Energy to develop sustainable feedstocks for the purpose of advancing Biofuels production and making an impact on consumer Health, Friendly Environmental Fuels which support the country on economic growth.

The idea of sustainable energy which involves increasing the production of renewable energy, making safe energy universally available, and practicing energy conservation leads to the inception of this company. Envogreen energy generates energy from waste, used cooking oil (UCO) considered waste is now a major source of biofuel. It is a new and exciting company dedicated to its vision of a cleaner and greener future in an environment that uses only highly refined natural wastes to achieve our ambitious goals.
Envogreen Energy implementing HEE Strategy - Health, Environment, Economy to divert used cooking oil from the food value chain and to limit current illegal practices. The HEE strategy approach ensures the good health and welfare of citizens, aiding energy security, climate change mitigation, and leading to environmentally sustainable development.

The company is very conscious about the future with sustainability by increasing its involvement through daily waste. It offers a wide range of products and services. “We are into waste management services especially discarding used cooking oil from kitchen and supplying it to biofuels manufacturers. After various refinement stages, biofuels are created which minimizes pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced when utilizing biofuels. We work with a tagline of the kitchen to wheel. We educate about waste to energy, and how it will benefit the nation and environment”, says Aruna Bharathi, Director, Envogreen.

The company comprises a team of vast, competent, and diverse skill set possessions. The director of the company is Aruna Bharathi who is a computer science graduate with experience as an entrepreneur in the sustainable energy industry. She is assisted by many other skilled administrators with deep experience. “Starting with the small quantity the company has till Now has collected 15+ Lacs Liters of UCO, which has been converted into Biofuels”, adds Venkatesh Logidasan. Due to this activity, 9 Million Kg of CO2 has been reduced.

HEE strategy approach ensures the good health & welfare of citizens, aiding energy security, climate change mitigation, & leading to environmentally sustainable development

It has set a target to reduce 100 Million Kg of Co2 by 2030. The company has received various awards but out of these, it has received the certificate of appreciation for the world record for the Most Litres (100000) of UCO collected in a Month for Biodiesel Conversion on 12th June 2022. Envogreen Energy is also being awarded for the best service industry in Waste Management.

Future Roadmap
Since its inception, Envogreen Energy is playing a major role in carbon neutrality for the nation. “The future plan of the company is to expand throughout Tamil Nadu, where it will collect UCO from small to big Food Business Operators as well as create a system for collecting UCO from every resident of Tamil Nadu”, says Senkadhir Baalu. The mission of the company is to encourage a Clean Life Style by terminating the used cooking oil from the environment.