EPOX: Creating Larger than Life 3D Floors, Ceilings, Walls & Table Tops.

Ashish Jain ,Founder & Director

Ashish Jain

Founder & Director

Floors can be a bore unless you custom-design them. The traditional basic plastering, tiling, kota, marbles, and installing terrazzo have become so yesteryear. The flooring industry has moved much beyond these normal and technology is giving home-owners more options. The magical 3D epoxy flooring is the new craze in the town – a type of floor applied as a coating that comes in aquatic, floral themes and other eye-tricking patterns. Preferred mostly for the hard surface that cannot easily break, the technology that first appeared in malls, garages and factories has made a shift to home, school, aviation hangars and what not. From whale motifs to circles, paradise, waterfalls, fruits and more, these 3D patterns are always ready to evoke your emotions. Helping you conjure your similar sensations is one of the pioneers of the 3D flooring industry – EPX Polymers Private Limited Under their Brand EPOX™. EPOX™ is the registered Trademark and Franchise Brand of EPX Polymers Private Limited.

“We are the first entity in India to deliver 3D epoxy flooring product epoxies resins in residential and commercial areas,” claims a proud Er. Ashish Jain, Founder & Director, EPX Polymers Pvt Ltd. Abstracting its name from epoxies resins, EPOX™ is today the manufacturer and exporter of epoxides and polycrystalline chemicals that are used as raw materials for creating floors such as metallic floors (one tone, two tones and more with over 352 texture levels), joint less solid decorative color floors available in over 3500 colors, 3D floors, 3D walls, and 3D ceilings. Moving beyond the conventional ways, the company has now extended its offering to Epoxy table tops & Epoxy Counter Tops which are highly shining and water-line floorings that are placed as the table tops in restaurants, hotels, offices and even homes.

Making Mood Swing with Happiness

Tired of juggling daily between our personal and professional life, we try to find solace in our abode as soon as we step into it. Understanding that these tired-tensed souls need a peaceful and stress-free environment, EPOX™ leverages in-depth color psychology to create wonderful experiences for its clients that has the intensity to soothe their souls. Wisely using ivory or bright colors to create joint less flooring for living rooms, EPOX™ uses more color-mix to ignite the romantic moods of couples with aquatic themes like waterfalls and water bodies, aquatic animals like mammals and fishes, greeneries and others for the bedrooms. Bathrooms are also donned with beautiful aquatic textures where dolphins and other aquatic animals pop their head out of the water bodies, as if they are ready to bathe with you. “We provide atmosphere where people feel gigantic and the master of their own world,” asserts Ashish.

Creating super world for today’s super kids, the company imbibes graphics like Spiderman, Motu-Patlu and other superheroes coming out of their walls and greeting them bonjur and Bonne nuit. While normal kotas, tiles and marbles fail to provide such unique
concepts, EPOX™ brings their dream world into reality with its unique floor and wall 3D designs. “We don’t make just bland floorings; we create stories that are appealing and psychologically impact your mind with the power to change your mood within a finger snap,” asserts Ashish.

Not leaving the kitchen behind, the company creates waterproof modular kitchen platform sections; counter table tops, glossy furnished table tops which are joint less. It also makes decorative waterproof floorings for the terrace areas and the roof, apart from providing terrace restaurants with UV resistance coatings.

Not leaving the kitchen behind, EPOX creates waterproof modular kitchen platform sections, counter table tops, and glossy furnished table tops which are jointless

The No Compromise Attitude

Many epoxy flooring systems fail due to unprofessional surface preparation. “No matter how good the coating materials are, if your floor is not prepared properly, the bond will not lock to the concrete surface,” explains Ashish. Hence EPOX™ makes the best and most advanced epoxy coating systems available in the industry. Making multi-layer epoxy installation system, the company creates exceptionally strong, industrial strength floor that is as beautiful as it is strong. Additionally, EPX’s epoxy flooring provides countless benefits including wear resistance, impact resistance, tensile strength/tensile elongation, permeability, hardness, and safety along with innumerable design options. While design and color scheme are often not the most important aspects of flooring in some settings, many companies desire a floor that while being durable and made to withstand the harshest environment, is aesthetically pleasing as well. The company’s design and color options make it possible for its professionals to install commercial epoxy flooring that perfectly complements clients’ décor or surroundings.

EPOX™ 3D floors are cent percent solid, two component custom flooring system. It is a certified installer and the material it uses is comprised of a special formulated poly-crystallite product. These 3D floor coatings require a primer coat, TRX-300 Base Coat, an optional UV resistant urethane or 100 percent solid poly-crystallite spray clearcoat. The finish is smooth, glass-like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. EPOX™ provides custom design effects that are tailored to the particular illusion of design need by the customers and promises them to be 96 percent scratch proof. For industrial epoxy coating, the company takes note of flexural strength (ability to resist deformation under load), tensile strength (maximum strength that coating can withstand while being stretched or pulled before falling or breaking), adhesion (ability to bond to the concrete surface to which it is installed) and max thickness (spread with a thickness of 6.0 miles-30 mils) while construction.

The Humble Journey

EPX Polymers Private Limited was founded two years back forming its Brand EPOX, from there its been in the industry doing innovation through manufacturing and applications. Today EPOX™ is engaged in transforming these innovations into reality with the help of franchises spread across the globe, manufacturing raw
materials,creating graphic designs
as per clients’ requirement and having civil engineers who go to places physically to see these designs turning into life. The company has 27 franchises across the world who are trained through these civil engineers at franchises’ place. These franchises procure their raw materials and tools from EPOX™ and delivers services across the world (EPOX™ do not take any project directly).

Today the company undertakes challenging epoxy flooring projects including large scale flooring projects that most epoxy flooring contractors will not or cannot undertake. Specializing in repairing botched epoxy flooring systems that have failed due to improper surface preparation or installation, EPOX™ has a unique team of high-tech flooring professionals who brings aviation hangar epoxy flooring technology and luxury stained concrete floors into finished basement, all at an affordable price tag when comparing to carpet, tile or hardwood floors, thus claiming its leadership with no other company offering expertise of its level.

The company has constructed beautiful 3D walls, floorings and ceilings across Germany, Ireland, London, Moscow, Turkey, Dubai, Africa, Philippines, Indonesia and several other countries. “We foresee huge opportunity in the market across the world. Everyone has enough of Italian designs at their home. Today people are after 3D floors for their bedroom, bathroom and even ceilings and garages along with commercial 3D walls and 3D ceilings. With EPOX™ franchise and services available across the world, you can create what you need when it comes to floors, ceiling and walls,” says Ashish. Believing in truly empowering the customers, the company has created a design customization section which is dedicated to infuse life to clients’ wandering design dreams.

The Growth & The Future

Currently having two board of directors, this bootstrapped company is growing steadily at 20-25 percent each year to become one of the major solution providers. Having its office of administration and supply chain in Ankleshwar city of Gujarat, the company will soon have its total warehousing, stocking and office in Bangalore & Vadodra. In the near future, EPOX™ will add another feather to its cap – the furniture design department to be set up in Bangalore Under its Brand EPOX™ Interiors that will create exceptional furnished interiors to be sold via dealers/showrooms.

Though its products are around 96 percent scratch proof, the company is working towards turning this number to 100. “There is still scope that is being left for creating a scratch proof product into the market. No one in the world can provide a scratch proof product but we are going to use nano technology and some artificial intelligence and will soon crack this technology of scratch proof coatings into the market and will create a history out of it,” explains Ashish.

Ashish, at the young age of 26 is the chief person of EPX Polymers Private Limited. His passion is to deliver the world the new Era of Revolutionary Joint less Floors. He is the main person for the R&D of the Company and the Chief Trainer.

Office: Ankleshwar ,G.I.D.C(Gujarat)

Offerings: Metallic floors, Solid color Decorative flooring, 3D flooring, 3D Ceiling & Walls, Epoxy Table-tops, Epoxy Counter Tops and more