Esente Healthcare: A Creative Solution for Molecular Imaging in Cancer & Preventing Infection

Ajithkumar M,Co-Founder & CEO

Ajithkumar M

Co-Founder & CEO

Where does it originate? And what extend it spread? Finding answer to these questions is critical when it comes to Cancer. Molecular Imaging is one of best answer and helps to discover deep truth of Cancer from the inside darkness of human body. What molecular imaging provides match exactly with Esente’s mission to help patients and caregivers in discovering early. Esente Healthcare is an exact fit in this crater with its own complete molecular imaging solutions assembled by tracing out various nuclear medicine products. The other segment where Esente focuses is hospital associated infection control (HAI). Company created its own value in the market by bringing own brands in short time. The products are designed to address infection challenges beyond just hygiene to achieve a safer treatment environment. Ajithkumar M, Co-Founder & CEO, Esente emphasised that “HAI is a global challenge; Esente takes this as a mission to prepare and equip caregivers and hospitals in India to meet this challenge. The need of the hour is a strong, and affordable end-to-end solution with international quality standards
Esente’s infection control products can be a one stop solution for your need”.

Esente’s molecular imaging solutions are bliss to the patients with its comprehensive nature and utmost affordability

Affordability at its Best

Never mistake this Bangalore an entity as a solution seller; research driven, cost effective Esente solutions are not the extreme of its delivery, it even provides comprehensive product coaching to its customers to make clear the core-value of its solutions. Many cancers including prostate, neuro endocrine, ovarian, breast are exceedingly curable at early stages. However, a majority of patients are diagnosed at a delayed stage. But researchers elucidates that the ‘molecular imaging solutions’ hold promise for detecting various cancer breeds, before it spread into other areas of the body. In this perception, Esente’s molecular imaging solutions are bliss to the patients with its comprehensive nature and utmost affordability.

Much More to Expect

As a brain child of experienced innovators from healthcare industry, Esente Healthcare was born in 2014 with a mission to discover, develop and distribute innovative & high quality medical procedural solutions & services. On-the-go with its researches, the
organization was waiting for its breakthrough which happened in 2016 when the company launched its first innovative solution. Apollo Hospitals accepted the affordable & quality solutions of Esente’s molecular imaging in two hands and the result was direct gratitude for the organization from the end-customers. “We never compromised and always committed to meet the customer expectation on quality and timely delivery. And it benefited us with some super-established hospitals as our customers,” asserts Ajith kumar. Today, besides the infection control and cancer diagnosis solutions, the organization has stepped into export market through its decontamination products, along with medical devices supply and consultation services. This technology driven nature assisted the organization to build a customer ecosystem that amalgamates a number of recognized hospital networks such as HCG, Manipal, CMC and Aster with some of the leading government hospitals.

The four people strong founding team of Esente today wears different hats; Dr. Afsal Mohammed heads the Operations & Research, Mr.Prathap leads Technical & Prodcut Development and Mr. Varghese looks after Finance & Logistics. The organization makes sure that the entire team is well-synchronized with the latest scientific developments and focuses nichely in building a much strong portfolio on the segments – infection control and molecular imaging; with a slogan Feel Free, Live Better.