e-Trio Automobiles : Certified Ev Retrofitting Company

Mr. Sathya Yalamanchili, FounderPeople in many cities of India experience high levels of air pollution every year. Knowing that vehicular emission is one of the biggest reasons for pollution, the government has started pushing for faster adoption for the less and zero emission vehicles like hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) and has set a target of having 30 per cent of the vehicles on road to be electric by 2030. Aside from ecological considerations, the world around us is getting connected, enabling the integration of devices and making our life experiences seamless. Newer electric vehicles in the market often stand for these advancements in connectivity and technology.

"E-TRIO is making the transition to electric smooth with its kits for the conversion of conventional cars to electric"

The clean energy vehicle revolution is giving rise to a new generation of connected electric vehicles that are largely being ushered into the market by a new breed of startups. These electric vehicle startups are rethinking the automobile and reimagining them around a core electric power train that enables completely new vehicle designs for the next generation. While most players in the automobile industry have been busy in preparing for the upcoming shift and upgrading the stock of their vehicles for 2020, new competitors are getting ready to take advantage of transition towards the nascent electric mobility to break into the market. One such startup that is pioneering adoption and adaptation in the Electric Vehicle space is Hyderabad based e-Trio Automobiles. e-Trio is the perfect platform to experience EV as we move forward into an age where alternative energy efficient modes of transportation would be in demand.

The electric vehicle market is set to grow in a big way owing to the ambitious plans and initiatives of the government. The government has taken several steps to incentivize and promote the deployment of electric vehicles and public charging infrastructure to achieve significant electrification by 2030. India is targeting to reduce its excessive oil imports and curb pollution levels across cities in the coming years. Electric vehicles will play an important role in achieving this target. "At e -Trio, we realize that electric vehicles will be the most preferred automobiles shortly due to carbon foot print released by conventional vehicles. While every one is busy breaking their banks to buy brand new cars, we stress the ease of converting their existing cars in India as an affordable and efficient alternative to putting a brand new car on the road. As a result of three years of hardcore research, we have evolved as the best electric car manufacturers in India capable of designing solutions to any vehicle," enlightens Sathya Yalamanchili, Founder, e-Trio Automobiles.

Unlike traditional vehicle manufacturing company, e-Trio integrates resources to create, build and sell the best electric cars in India. Its ecofriendly services of retrofitting existing cars with its proven electric kits are designed with the view to save the environment and conserve the resources all while looking aesthetically pleasing and becoming solutions to a varied range of requirements thus bringing dependable and affordable electric cars in India with faster speed and less investment.

At E-Trio, the team realizes that EV is the only way forward for the country to be pollution free. As the pollution contributed by Automobiles is massive, the company adopts EV conversions as the catalyst to improve the EV adoption faster and be the way for faster and affordable adoption of EV's by masses. By teaming up with experts in EV and mentors from across the big institutions, they develop and design robust, compact and efficient power trains. "We clearly understand the scenario of mobility with shared and electric. We are making the transition to electric smooth with its kits for the conversion of conventional cars to electric. We see e- Trio contributing to the EV Industry in India by not just adding another car to the road but by converting existing ones indeed," he says.

Engineering Robust Efficient And Compact Electric Power train
The core of e-Trio is Electric Power Train. With time, they have explored the possibilities of developing retrofitting solutions to a variety of vehicles and are technically equipped to deliver tailored solutions to a wide range of vehicles. e-Trio is among one of the few companies to have the widest range of EV product portfolio which includes conversion kits(cars, LCV's), eBikes and eTrikes. It offers conversion services to fleet
owners and helps them reduce their operating costs all while benefitting the environment four folds. "We are not just limited to the design and manufacture of kitsfor cars alone but also different segments of vehicles which includes light commercial vehicles (LCV's) too. In our vision to curb the Green House Gases not just by small units but by huge volumes, we have taken bold moves to design tailored solutions to the people who believe in the same greenroute," mentions Sathya.

With a team of 50+ engineers and technologists and a huge facility of 50000sq ft capable of retrofitting 10000 cars year, E-TRIO has carved a niche in the industry

The team at e-Trio develops engineering design tools and manufacturing methods to transform convention internal combustion engine based vehicles into the electric vehicle(EV's). The processes incorporated into practice are based on the following principles of a circular economy where vehicles are kept in use as long as possible through multiple service lives, the maximum value is extracted from the vehicle while in use and materials in the car are recovered and regenerated at the end of each life. They engineer robust efficient and compact electric powertrain with Lithium ion batteries efficient and compact electric powertrain with Lithiumion batteries as an energy source and associated accessories as kits for different vehicles that fit in perfectly to convert the conventional vehicles into EV. "We seek certifications for the kits and their respective vehicles from Automotive Research Association of India, thereby validating our design, testing and manufacturing methods. Our business model is based on populating these kits widely to curb the greenhouse gas emissions," he asserts.

The Growth Story
With a team of 50+ engineers and technologists and a huge facility of 50000sq ft capable of retrofitting 10000 cars year, e-Trio has carved a niche in the industry. The team is guided by reputed institutes like Stanford, IISC. "Hearing about our work, a lot of influencers from media, portals and Youtube has expressed their desire to visit us and review our cars. The industry recognizes us as a Tech company capable of developing tailored EV power train solutions and brand new products. The industry is excited and eagerly waiting to see how we emerge," mentions Sathya.

In the coming years, the team looks forward to widening its product range with more vehicles. The company plans to enter the Indian market with a capacity of 1000 cars per month to be fitted with an electric motor and battery kit. These retrofitted electric kits have been sourced from China and Korea while the Controller is built by the startup inhouse. The company has been testing cars for the past two years and have began their commercial operations four months ago by supply cars to leading employees transportation companies and trucks to India's largest logistics players. Their immediate goal is to roll out at least 5000 cars in the next year via appointing partnered retrofitting centres across the country. "Our vision is to create e-Mobility which inspires & nurtures pollution free India. We believe that affordable range is the key to helping electro mobility achieve a breakthrough soon," he concludes.

Key Managementsathya Yalamanchili, Founder
Founded e-Trio Automobiles and continues to oversee the company's product strategy including the design, engineering, and manufacturing of affordable electric vehicles for India. Cars have fascinated him, since time immemorial. Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Hyderabad's leading University, he pursued his executive management program from Harvard. His experience and focus is primarily in the areas of Strategy & Finance. Being a seed investor in a vast number of companies, his leadership skills perfectly blend with his vision of decarbonizing India.

Nitish Bhandari, COO
An entrepreneur by nature comes from a multidisciplinary background. He has over eight years of experience across Sales, Marketing & Operations. He has worked with Wipro Consumer Care, Airtel & Ola Cabs in the past. His expertise in launching new products, managing teams & working with cross functional groups justifies his holistic view towards business. He is an alumnus of MDI-Gurgaon, a premier B-School in India.

Dr. Anjaneyulu Krothapalli, CTO
Dr. Anjaneyulu is the Don Fuqua Eminent Scholar Chair & Professor Emeritus of mechanical engineering at Florida State University (FSU), USA and an Affiliated Professor of Energy at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. He is the founding member andChairman of the Mechanical engineering department at FSU from 1983 to 2002. Dr.Krothapalli is a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1996-Present) and was a National Research Council Senior Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center (1995-1996).

Arakeri Jayawant, Advisor
Jaywant is currently a professor in the mechanical engineering department at Indian Institute of Science. He has also served as the chairman of the department. His expertise is in the area of thermal and fluid systems with emphasis on heat management and engineering systems control. Professor Arakeri obtained his PhD from California Institute of Technology. He is a fellow of National Academy of Engineering.

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