EV Techo Electra Motors: The Next Step of the Electric Revolution is Here!

Prakash Bhootra,Founder & MD

Prakash Bhootra

Founder & MD

Electric is the buzzword...The future of Mobility is Electric. Mobility systems are experiencing transformation due to increasing connectivity, new business models, and steeply falling technology costs. Many business models are offering shared electric mobility solutions. Currently, the Indian electric vehicle market is highly consolidated and is dominated by few players. New players are coming into the picture and are offering HEV models in the market. However, with the Indian government taking initiatives to boost the market growth through favourable policies and incentives to support the adoption of electric vehicles, other automotive players have ventured into the industry.

One such noteworthy player in the EV market is Pune based EVTecho Electra Motors. With an aim to revolutionize the automotive landscape, EV Techo Electra Motors has come up with a line of electric two wheelers that's perfect for every Indian. The company's vision is to become the best electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India with our expertise and innovative designs. "The next step of the electric revolution is here and now! We are bringing revolutionary technology advancements to the automobile industry. Our focus is on the two wheeler segment. We are committed to manufacturing world class products at
competitive prices and also to offering more value over the period of the two wheeler life cycle," says Prakash Bhootra, Founder & M.D, EV Techo Electra Motors.

The Beginning
The concept of EV Techo Electra Motors took shape when Prakash, during one of his China tours, witnessed the scale at which EV's had penetrated in China. He saw India as a potential market and thus began R&D on getting this done for India. Soon, he figured out that the two wheeler segment has a promising future and that the building the vehicle of a tomorrow powered by electricity needs to be a seamless blend of innovation and tested parameters. This led to the foundation of EV Techo Electra Motors. "The idea was to be the change that unlocks value in the two-wheeler electric scooter industry. Innovation is what our business thrives on. With our team of highly skilled engineers and advanced R&D facilities, our continuous endeavour is to set a benchmark in the electric two-wheeler sector in India,"he asserts.

EV Techo Electra Motors adds value to the industry by creating smart, viable and practical products which are safe and subject to the highest standards of testing

Each scooter at EV Techo Electra Motors is built and tested to conform to the set industry standards. The team adds value to the industry by creating smart, viable and practical products which are safe and subject to the highest standards of testing. "Consumers want variety and it's important to keep launching new products and create a variety of portfolio to have a relevant market share. We strive to enhance the existing portfolio of vehicles. Additionally, we are working to introduce 3 to 4 new models in the two-wheeler space,"he informs.

A Promising Future!
EV Techo Electra Motors is one of the few companies that have grown at a high growth rate, not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of geographies. From selling of forty vehicles in October 2018 to over 4000+ numbers sold by October 2019, the company has witnessed a phenomenal journey, surpassing the usual challenges. The team, further has a robust strategy lined up to gain market share involving some of the best in the industry. The company aims to be amongst the early companies to make a mark in this space. It is backed by solid industry veterans who along with the core team are forming strategy to achieve the aim.