Evolute Group: Delivering Quality Event Experience

Pratik Kedia & Chinmai Jain Kedia,  Co-FoundersWe call them start stars. Why? Because just easy as it is to launch a start-up, it's even easier to make mistakes, and the one who slows down and learns is definitely winning the race. Let’s throw some light on this. Any growing business faces a range of challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions. Like what worked a year ago might not be the best approach today. With the changing times, those who learn to adapt and evolve are the ones who learn to adapt and evolope are the ones who shine brightly.

Based out of Mumbai, Evolute Group is definitely a start-up star carving a niche in the industry. Evolute believes in the vision of creating a 360-degree brand and September 2015, Evolute has
delivering a one-stop solution for all event and media related requirements. Incorporated in come a long way from where it all started. There is a background of well-conducted surveys, thorough market research and one-on-one sessions with senior management members of different corporates - across segments that has further strengthened the company’s growth over the years. “We identified the major gap in the industry when it came to creativity and delivery of good quality work. We immediately knew this was the space we would venture into and thus Evolute,” mentions Pratik Kedia, Co-Founder, Evolute Group, recalling the initial days.

Pratik and Chinmai - the co-founders of Evolute,also noticed that a majority of clients were facing a lot of inter dependency with cross communication and management of multiple vendors to achieve a single project – ultimately affecting the creativity and in-time quality output. In fact, this helped in creating the very foundation stone for Evolute Group; to make every project of their clients’ a brand-enhancing experience rather than a struggle to simply finish a task assigned. Today, Evolute rests on the three core pillars of Creativity, Quality & Experience.

The Journey of Evolute Group
Every game-changing vision starts with a lot of backlash due to the herd mentality and limited risk-taking appetite of individuals in the industry. Evolute had it no different when they started their journey to create an experience-driven brand instead of a traditional one. Chinmai Jain Kedia, Co-Founder, Evolute Group, enthusiastically speaks, “We started our journey by changing the approach for small projects where an individual’s willingness to take a risk was higher and they were open to exploring new ideas. As the client's experience grew along with the belief in our approach, we started working from small to medium to large projects along with growing from one client to another, and another...”

In no time, Evolute undoubtedly has become one of the best experience-driven agencies in India. The company understands the current market scenario much better than any other competitors in the market. At present, with a large group of people looking towards being independent either by freelancing or starting their own entrepreneurial venture, there is a large flow towards a monetary-driven market rather than a creative or experience-driven market. And clients are facing a large chunk of failures in commitments as work is
being accepted at a low cost to break into the competition & final outputs and their timelines are nowhere close to the client’s expectation. In addition to this, the depreciated quality of output of the project also impacts the brand value where the repercussions of the same cannot be judged or calculated monetarily. Throwing light on Evolute's impact in the space, Pratik explicates “We have always cultivated and ensured to stick by our quality standards and vision of an experience-driven brand. We have instilled in our team the distinctive attribute to work with a single goal - where an experience is all that matters and we strive to ensure that our vision and three pillars are always intact.”

Currently Providing Services In 22+ Cities In India, The Company Plans to Start International Operations By The End Of 2020

The Evolution from Curating Events to Creating Digital Experiences – A One-Stop Solution for Clients
Over a short span of time, Evolute has forayed into a whole new dimension and has expanded its services from Events to Media by servicing the client’s need for creatives, digital marketing, branding, brand communication, ads & shoots and many more. Excited Pratik narrating about the recent progress avers, “We realized that to overcome the challenges the industry has thrown our way, it was important for us to grow and thrive. Therefore, to keep up with the market, we need to plan ahead. Our problem-solving skills have improved over time and now we have the right systems in place. Also, our skills and attitude towards every project have evolved with time.”

Chinmai further adds, “We realized it was important for us to branch out into the media space because events were not just limited to planning and execution, but also included branding and marketing that falls under this banner.Inevitably, this way, we help clients grow holistically thereby increasing their brand experience and substantially reducing the time and resources spent on managing multiple vendors for execution.”

The Growth Way Forward
Evolute Group, started by two excorporates Pratik and Chinmai with the agenda to change the mindset of people in the industry once and for all, over the years, has grown to become a full-fledged company. The co-founders are optimistic about the future of Evolute and anticipate that within a year’s time the company is looking forward to building a team of 60-70 individuals. As of today, the team comprises of hardworking and dedicated young individuals, who are experienced in their respective fields, and have played a vital role in the company’s growth. “Our team members are extremely enthusiastic about what they do and played a very important role in bringing the brand to where it is today”, proudly states Pratik.

Chinmai says,“We as a team actively work to ensure commitments towards customer service, integrity towards our clients. Overall, we have created a fun and effective work environment."

In terms of clients, they have served a large number of corporates, which includes big names like Reliance, Tata, JSW, VFS Global, UBM, Travel Food Services, Trans Union and many more. The company is said to grow substantially in the coming years. Currently providing services in 22+ cities in India, the company plans to start international operations by the end of 2020. Right now, at an expansion phase, the
company is targeting investors for its next stages of development. Narrating the roadmap ahead, Pratik concludes, “We have currently expanded into the wedding industry by starting ‘The Wedding Ties’. It is a holistic luxury wedding planning and designing company that caters to all kinds of wedding requirements.”

Quicks Facts

• Founding Year: 2015
• Headquarters:Mumbai
• Co-Founders: Pratik Kedia & Chinmai Jain Kedia
• Clients: Reliance, Tata, JSW, VFS Global, UBM, Travel Food Services, TransUnion and many more.

Changing Industry Perspective-Quality & Result-oriented Services
Pratik Kedia & Chinmai Jain Kedia, Co-Founders, Evolute Group “More than changing a person's perspective, we are changing service standards in the industry. We believe that growth and learning is directly proportional, and this always strives towards providing quality work with an experience. Our sole focus is on working hard and getting better at what we do at each step. Also, we know and understand that every project we tackle is unique and acts as a great stepping stone to a brighter future. We will continue to strive hard to achieve all our professional and business goals."

About Team Evolute
Evolute as a company takes great pride in integrating strategy, creativity, and technology for its global audience. Today, along with events, the company has expanded its services to media as well, where they cater to the client’s needs for creatives, branding, brand communication, wedding, digital marketing, shoots, videos, and more. With a gamut of services to offer, the company has become a one-stop shop for all their clients’ needs. Evolute is best known for its customer centric approach and high-quality services. The team offers the creative vision, professionalism, and expertise to create the best – with a constant eye for detail, quality, and client experience.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution
• Events: Evolute is known to provide customer centric experiences through its event curations, which includes Conferences, Corporate Events, Annual Team Events, Corporate Product Launches, Music Concerts, Fashion Shows and more.

• Creative Branding& Communication: The company is known for its creative and out-of-the box solutions, where they provide creative designs, and end-to-end communication for its clients.

• Offline Marketing: Exhibition Stalls, ATL& BTL Activation

• Digital Marketing:SMM,SEO, AdWords and Website Design and Development

• Ads & Shoots: Evolute undertakes complete photo and video shoot responsibility & organizes everything from models to studios, locations, creative concepts and even props required to carry out the shoot successfully.

• Videos:2D& 3D animation videos
• Wedding Ceremonies: A holistic list of services ranging from venue booking, decor, artist, caterers, hospitality, logistics, destination weddings, customized weddings for every budget on a national level.

• Team Building Activities: Evolute provides corporate recreational and team building activities at various locations across India. It can include activities like river rafting, hiking, team outings,yoga therapies and others.