Exaltare Technologies: Idea. Technology. Reality

With the business ecosystem burgeoning with dynamic ventures and companies, it becomes crucial for any enterprise to em¬ploy a good marketing strategy that would boost its growth and build up its brand value. Giventhis convention, the segment is now flourishing with companies that are assisting these businesses to generate valuable content and establish better communication with their customers. One such agency that is making its mark in the space is Pune based Exaltare Technologies. In today’s world of mobile-first and cloudfirst, Exaltare Technologies is focused on developing scalable, user friendly and affordable solutions to businesses. “Our mission is to enable IT into every business avenue and increase their sales and customer engagement. Through our digital advertising platform, we aim to expand a company’s revenue by authorizing the use of technology and services,” says Amar Vhanshetti, Co-Founder.

Founded in 2015, Exaltare Technologies is focused on becoming a complete IT partner for SMEs and MSMEs. From software development services such as IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Customized enterprise software to Digital marketing services like social media marketing and content generation, the marketing firm offers a wide array of services to its clients that helps them establish a unique brand image for their business. It also has developed its own mobile app advertisement platform that assists the advertisers in getting app installs. Furthermore, the entity also allows offshore model clients to leverage the use of new technologies like IoT, AI and Machine Learning which in turn will help them compete with larger organizations.

In today’s world where digitization has entered every avenue of our life, a consumer’s expectations and behaviour have
Amar Vhanshetti & Ashotosh Arage,Co-Founders
Team Exaltare Technologies

undergone a massive transformation where in it has become difficult for firms to keep up with the changing trends. Marketing domain is no exception to this and being a part of this dynamic space, Exaltare Technologies also had to navigate through several challenges to maintain its position in the market. From right audience targeting to providing constant content to the users the company faced a few roadblocks in its path. But having a unique model in place, it was able to tackle those hurdles and climb high on the ladder of success. “We consider the client’s business as our own and provide digital transformation roadmap to clients which help them achieve a long term sustainable growth. To do this, we hold brainstorming sessions with business owners, different department heads, and their customers and with the feedback from the discussions we provide them with the framework on how to implement IT in their operations keeping in mind the current technologies and future of the company,” says Ashutosh Arage, Co-Founder.

Exaltare Technologies even allows clients to leverage the use of technologies like IoT, AI and Machine Learning

A bootstrapped company, Exaltare Technologies has come a long way and continues to sow the seeds of success with its business model. Having garnered a lot of admiration from its clients, the company is now looking forward to expanding its foot to Europe and China with target employee’s count of 100 by 2020 and will continueto focus on newer technologies while delivering best in class digital marketing services.