ExerFIT Wellness: An Intersection Between Health & Happiness

Karan,Founder & Promoter


Founder & Promoter

The term “Holistic Wellness” has gained momentum since people have started realising that fitness and wellness are deeply intertwined.’ The supplement industry targets bodybuilding more than fitness and is infested with misleading labels and marketing gimmicks. exerFIT is a lifestyle nutrition brand offering holistic wellness solutions to its clients. The brand prides itself for its deep product research and quality. The supplements are responsibly designed to yield sustainable results they don’t believe in shortcuts. Every ingredient in each supplement has been added to achieve a specific objective, and not just for the namesake. The company offers international packaging, deeply researched formulations, and an obsession with a healthy lifestyle.

Established in 2018, exerFIT has its offices in Mumbai & Dubai. exerFIT is backed by the 80 year old Wilson Group that has its interests and investments spread across education, philanthropy, retail MSME lending, sustainable water infrastructure projects, and real estate.

Wellness solutions For Everyone
ExerFIT was born from a simple desire to provide clean, high quality, and unintimidating nutrition products and services to the healthy lifestyle and fitness enthusiast. The market is loaded with body building supplements that promise unrealistic results that may wear off in the long run.exerFIT adopts a dual approach of focused nutrition consultation
and supplements that fit every individual’s requirements, be it a fitness enthusiast or a house wife.

The supplements at exerFIT are formed by combining highly researched biomolecules with traditionally used herbal extracts for effective and long term results. The product series has absorption enhancing nutrients that work in perfect synergy and help build foundational health. Nutrition experts have carefully crafted the ‘Performance Series’ for performance, endurance, and sustainable results. It mainly caters to individuals with an active lifestyle who are looking for clean supplements with the right ingredients to advance their workouts and training loads. On the other hand, the Vedic Series is backed by Ayurveda and uses all natural herbs. It caters to those who seek an all natural support to therapeutic issues like high cholesterol levels, diabetes & hypothyroidism. exerFIT’s Wellness Series is a range of daily supplements with the most effective nutrients in servings best for you. These result driven compositions are formulated by nutrition experts using ingredients that work in perfect harmony.

What goes into the formula is what's printed on the labels

Obsessed With Quality!
exerFIT's products are manufactured in FSSAI, GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 US-FDA Registered Facilities. These are carefully researched by nutrition experts and produced with ethical practices. The manufacturers meet the highest quality standards to ensure that the end product is as effective as possible.

Ella Lentini(Hollywood Star) and Bollywood singer Shibani Kashyap along with Indian athletes hockey star Yuvraj Walmiki, Pro kabaddi athletes Rishank Devadiga & Vishal Mane, 4x Power lifting world record holder Fatema Dhoondia, mountaineer Parth Upadhyaya, Arjuna Awardee Madhurika Patkar& UTT Champion Sanil Shetty are staunch exerFITters!

exerFIT began its journey with a whey protein range, BCAA, Glutamine & 4 nutraceuticals in 2018.Educating its audience about nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness soon became integral and the company diversified into the nutrition consultation & workshops segments. It subsequently launched its star product Titanium Whey Protein known for its effective formulation and unique Isolate 80:20 Concentrate blend, and now boasts of almost 14 products, across multiple flavours and SKUs. exerFIT is a brand registered in Europe and now offers its products in international markets including Dubai to cater to a global audience.