Expletus: Generating Impact Advertising, Long Term Branding & Sales Conversion

 Abhishek Chachan,   Founder

Abhishek Chachan, Founder

Advertising has been shaping the facet of companies for years, assisting them gain marketability and boost sales of goods and services. To elevate trades further, this industry has come up with a set of creative tactics encompassing the various media outlets targeting both the national and international market. Usually, organizations endeavour to propagate about themselves and acquire significant primacy in the global market. However on the contrary, there are firms and businessmen who choose to get a hold of the local market. To facilitate this, a strategy called hyperlocal advertising was introduced for businesses that intents to concentrate on a particular area or attract a specific group of customers. It basically homes in on to build a relationship by bringing to the fore the common penchants between the customers and the concern.
Abhishek Chachan, an advertising and marketing cognoscente, established Expletus Labs, a self-serve hyperlocal targeting platform that assists ventures to reach out to the potential audiences at the Pin Code level and segmenting them on the basis of age, gender, mobile device category and so and so forth.

“Expletus is launched with the forethought of expediting businesses, enabling them to reachout to relevant people and optimizing their strength and ROI. Holding on to Data and Technology we aspire to heighten client’s revenue and reduce irrelevant marketing spends. I want to make Expletus Labs a localised 360 degree market reach out, tracking and customer care engagement platform where even an SME can get the benefit of a complete customer centric marketing,” says Abhishek.

The Journey
Rome was not built in a day nor was Expletus. It has come into being when ideas melded notions and experience. It has gradually evolved in this three years grappling with the ups and downs. Among the many snags, the major difficulty it had to encounter was that of audience targeting. Since the company promotes hyperlocal advertising, it has been a daunting task for the company to puzzle out the specific group of people. This
does include an extensive procedure that includes hyper radius targeting which is accomplished by detailed analyses and proper administration. A little help from the client’s part simplifies the piece of business. The company was subjected to the taxing competition that prevailed in the market. But its firm belief on grail and hard work has actuated it to create an everlasting impact in this industry. And in the span of three years, its revenue has witnessed a 30 to 40 per cent year-on-year growth. It launched many mobile applications and also an app tracking and monetization platform, which is no longer functional. It has also worked with a number of clients both in the national and international level. To which Abhishek adds, “We have advanced from a network based to a platform based approach. The kind of platform we have launched now is hyperlocal and very specific which enables us to partner and collaborate with all the other agencies in the market.”

Expletus has already worked with companies such as Vijaya Bank, Vardhman Health, Lybrate, ICICI bank and many more It has been and still aims to assist clients with digital transformation. It aspires to become a leading hyperlocal platform in the country. And to do so it has contemplated to go PAN India by incorporating DSA approach, thereby launching its branch in most cities in India.