Eyetalk Media Ventures: Ensuring Digital Infrastructure to Urban Environments with Smarter and State-Of-The-Art Technology

Gautam Bhirani,Managing Director

Gautam Bhirani

Managing Director

Catalyzed by the augmenting digitization across the globe, the advertising domain is reforming abruptly at present. With the introduction of many new-age digital elements, the OOH industry is now moving towards DOOH - an innovative sector providing modern and engaging content to digitally-driven audiences. Contributing to this massive shift in the media and advertising ecosystem, Eyetalk Media Ventures is leading the Indian DOOH sector to new horizons. Eyetalk Media Ventures aligns with technology and innovation to address the challenges of the 21st century. Ensuring digital infrastructure to urban environments with smarter and state-of-the-art technology, the modern and digitized advertising networks of Eyetalk Media Ventures enables brands to broadcast measurable and optimized content to millions of modern consumers daily at key urban touch-points at a click of a button.

Ensuring Optimum Consumer Engagement
With a hyperlocal network that works on high power processors and showcases content on sleek 4K Ultra HD displays, Eyetalk Media Ventures delivers live, tailor-made, contextual, and location-based content with licensed APIs, across cafes, bars, and business real-estate.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital shift and compelled us to digitize bars, cafes, restaurants and workplaces which are often visited by millennials. To connect with today's digital consumers, we provide location-based content on our screens which are connected live and are run-on mobile technology to ensure optimum consumer engagement. The Eyetalk Media Ventures network comprises TagTalk and BizTalk, where Tagtalk is an IoT-driven Modern DOOH Network, connected live across the finest F&B Chains in India and reaching over 2.5 million affluent professionals daily; and BizTalk, India's 1st real-time White Collar
DOOH Network, connected across Premium Business Hubs and Co-working Spaces. Apart from online advertising, we also have social media-enabled photo sharing options which allows millennials to tag us on their pictures to come live on our screens. Similarly, we have connected with almost 70-75% of corporate hubs across the country with all our premium TagTalk in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai are connected in this kind of ecosystem," states Gautam Bhirani, Managing Director, Eyetalk Media Ventures.

Connecting the Digital and Physical World
With localized and contextual content like stocks, news, flight information systems and user generated content, the Eyetalk Media Ventures screens enhance customer experience in public spaces with useful and engaging information. Brands such as Amazon, Vivo, Netflix, Diageo and more have utilized the virtues of the screens to reach their target audience effectively.

Eyetalk media ventures aligns with technology and innovation in its quest to become the frontrunner in the modern media and entertainment landscape

"I wanted my screens to digitize and automate the advertising sector. We started helping the brands by ensuring them a boost in sales through digital solutions, which are connected to the Point Of Sale (POS) systems. Through social media engagement, we encourage the millennials to click selfies and post them, enabling high levels of consumer engagement. And once they start tagging the specific places such as bars and restaurants on social media, brand amplification happens automatically. We are pragmatically invested and associated with technology, brand promotion, DOOH, Content marketing, Digital Signage, IoT, Smart City, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Broadcast, Digital Media, Programmatic Advertising, Data, Analytics, AI, OEM, and many more", explains Gautam Bhirani.

To the Summit of Success
The Eyetalk Media Ventures journey started in 2017. It began with 60-70 displays across Delhi-NCR, scaling up exponentially till 2018-19 to 400-500 screens in five metros across the country. In 2019, the leading DOOH platform crossed seven metros with 1,600 screens and by January 2021, Eyetalk Media Ventures has established a domineering presence with 4,000 screens across 12 cities in India.

"We are scaling up by continuously investing in and introducing new infrastructure across the smart cities where we are digitizing billboards. Starting with Delhi, we are gradually moving into Mumbai. The need for advanced DOOH infrastructure in India has gained prominence in the wake of the impact that COVID has had across ecosystems, opening up doors for a digital shift. I am focused on switching to technology till the market recovers and generates revenue for the organization. I am hopeful about the future as a lot of novel digital inventories are going live from our end. With the growing demand for digitization, we are planning to achieve the summit of success by implementing contemporary technological innovations across the DOOH platform," concludes Gautam Bhirani.