F7 O2 Supplies: Your Go-To-Stop For All Oxygen Supplies

Ghulam Mohd Fazlullah,    DirectorGone are the days when employees were attracted just to perks. The 21st century is the age of millennials the generation that accentuates more on their priorities than conforming to the stereotypical regulations of society. They are no longer attracted to glass facades of fancy workplaces or lured by perks that cost them their passion(s). They are looking for much more than that. If you ask them what do they need the most in a company? Well, the majority would say ‘Culture’. A conducive company culture that promotes employee happiness, performance, and productivity is not just a buzzword but a competitive advantage. Speaking of startups with a greater work environment and bigger passion, mentioning F7 O2 Supplies is worthwhile.

The company is guided by the thought 'Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first'. This comprehends that the key to business success is to create and nurture a great place to work. With the same ethos as its underlying force, the company has crafted a positive milieu that plays a critical role in extracting the best out of its people and helping them to cement crucial healthcare needs. Thanks to the founders who have steered F7 O2 in this direction, the company has grown into a premier supplier of medical
and oxygen equipment in major cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Visakhapatnam, and Vijaywada. It took a committed team of people with over a decade of experience to achieve this success.

“We are a dedicated company to fulfill the need for oxygen to the patients, healthcare companies, and manufacturing industries. Our commitment is to deliver reliable, time-bound delivery services right to our client's doorstep. Each piece of equipment we supply is the result of efforts and integration of multiple departments in addition to tireless hard work. Our product line is comprised of every department at F7 O2, from marketing to supplying and more. The aggregate effort of every employee has enabled us to deliver the product that we once hoped for,” informs Ghulam Mohd Fazlullah.

Promising A Unique Product Portfolio
The company was founded a decade ago on the principle of accessible healthcare for all. F7 o2 Supplies was Launched in 2021 as Separate entity among other entities like F7 Medical Equipment & F7 Digital Media to specialize, prioritize and focus the need of Patients in Health care throughout multiple cities. “Initially, we started with very basic health care equipment. Since then, our services and utilities have grown. We are now a house for oxygen cylinders, concentrators, humidifiers, and flow meters along with offering services like ICU setup at home, Sleep tests at home, etc.,” mentions Ghulam Mohd Fazlullah.

We've consciously made efforts to contribute to the healthcare industry, hospitals, and patients because we strongly believe health is the greatest of blessing for mankind

Different products offered by F7 O2 supplies are as follows: oxygen cylinders, concentrators, humidifiers, flow meters, cannulas, portable oxygen cylinders, O2 supply for manufacturing industries. It also includes respiratory care, cardiac and intensive care, Gynae and Pediatric Care, ICU set up at home, home sleep tests, and basic essentials that patients require. "As for our Unique Selling Point, we let our actions speak for themselves. Our services have always been accessible with a commitment to provide time bound hassle-free delivery. We do not provide the products without a doctor's prescription, we have always maintained the strictest sanity with our products, and have built a reputation of trust and reliability around us,” he concludes.