FanatiXx: The Authors' Guide

Hemant Bansal,Founder & CEO

Hemant Bansal

Founder & CEO

Anybody who has great imagination and a flair for writing can beyond any doubt produce a competent piece. The real endeavour begins when the authors intends to get their write up published in a publishing house that can guarantee good traction of readers. However, considering with the growing number of writers, the industry has set out certain mandatory standards to single out the best from the horde. Meeting the yardstick can be quite a back-breaking task for penmen but they happen to make constant effort to make it to a notable platform. To ease up things for such authors particularly the newbies, a young enthusiastic entrepreneur Hemant Bansal launched FanatiXx- a publishing platform that helps authors/writers to achieve their publishing dream in the most affordable and straightforward method. "The Indian publishing industry can sometimes be harsh on authors mainly on the debutants. To maintain their stature as publishers they sometimes appear to be reluctant in publishing the works of new authors. This attitude disheartens them for sure and they stay out around seeking for that single chance. So I decide to take an initiative and set up a dais for all aspiring writers to come take the opportunity to flaunt their creation," narrates Hemant, Founder & CEO, FanatiXx.
The Purpose
As a publishing house, FanatiXx is well aware of its responsibilities and so has designed plain sailing provisions. These facilities enable the writers to sort out issues like Express Publishing, Legal & Valid ISBN Allocation, E-Book (Free) will all packages, and 100 per cent Royalty. The highly experienced team of the company further escort them to administer the proceeding in the best way.

The company's services can be listed in two basic categories- Book Publishing and Literary Services. It intends to accompany them in completing the procedures and developing a mutual chord between the author and the publisher. "We are not confining ourselves to just one kind of services. We have been active in various other sectors be it advertising, ISBN procurement, deliveries, publishing books, content marketing or management. But one thing we have strived to maintain hard the transparency and honesty in our dealings, principles and values. We make sure that our users do get the respect and reward they deserve," he adds.

FanatiXx has established a strong foot in the industry and its distinct approaches has enticed substantial number of authors both new and experienced

The Journey
Established in the year 2016, FantiXx is observing success in a frantic pace. It has established a strong foot in the industry and its distinct approaches has enticed substantial number of authors both new and experienced. It has widely expanded its genres, making space for works in vernacular languages. At the present date, its workforce strength is more than 25 people who have brought with them diverse knowledge and expertise. However, FanatiXx would have never been on paper had it not been for the team who have had worked round the clock with their pin point dedication and crystal clear transparency in working. For the future, the publishing firm has settled on the plan to grow almost twice the size of its present status and emerge a leading brand in the ecosystem. The end in view does pause in the publishing sector only but it aims to set its hand on other domains like HR, Graphic Designing, various kinds of merchandising and so on.