Fanworld: Bringing New Dimensions to the Gaming Ecosystem with Innovative Ideas & Cutting-edge Technology

Rajaranganathan, Product Manager,Rajesh Vankayalapati, Co-Founder

Rajaranganathan, Product Manager

Rajesh Vankayalapati, Co-Founder

The rise of online fantasy sports gaming in India has not only increased the interest of users in sports but also spawned a whole ecosystem around it. Most importantly, the emergence of fantasy sports is driving a deeper connection between sports fans & real life sports, and fantasy sports have converted many casual sports viewers into dedicated fans. Further, an important aspect in bridging the gap between real sports and fantasy sports has been technology. One such firm that has been increasingly using new technologies to amplify product offering and enhance real time fan engagement is Fanworld, a cloud based mobile gaming studio and fan engagement platform laying its emphasis on rendering an unmatched gaming experience to sports fans.

Fanworld develops futuristic mobile games for a digital generation that embody innovation and kindle fantasy and aspiration. The firm brings the right resources, technology, and experience to increase one's revenue, expand the reach, engage with the fans and enhance the fan base. Further, the core strengths of the firm in platform technology, Internet of Things (IoT), architecture & integrations, the ability to innovate, design strong APIs, and gamification based business model helps to optimize the supplyand demand between the producers of sports, media and entertainment brands and their fans. Fanworld is also on omnichannel to integrate entertainment, social networking, and gamification. It helps build digital strategies
so that leagues, teams, athletes, celebrities,and agencies can maximize their commercial opportunities.

Fanworld has unique traits that enable customers to create personalized products and services for their fans and build their brands. The firm can create feature rich, user friendly mobile apps and engaging games for sports of any kind, brands, agencies, celebrities, and various entertainment segments. The platform can be used to develop and sponsor different sports based mobile games like trivia and fantasy sports contests. “It does not matter whether the client is an agency, sports team, league, club, athlete, celebrity, or brand, we can develop a dedicated app while combining high end technology with easy to use features, so that they don’t need to have an in house team of IT experts to manage digital branding campaigns and sales promotions,” Signifies Rajesh Vankayalapati, Co-founder, Fanworld.

Fanworld is rendering an unmatched gaming experience to sports fans by developing futuristic mobile games for a digital generation

Creating World class Fan Experiences through Customized Offerings
Fanworld offers products that can get a more comprehensive view into the audience, helps design new merchandise based on their preferences, and provides a platform to market and sell these to a wider base of customers. Its fan analytics offering allows one to build and analyze fan data, such as demographic information and psychographic information by integrating information from a variety of data sources and incorporate those data into any analytics workflow. Further, the users can take advantage of the productized integration between fan engagement and fan analytics in the marketplace and develop newer and stronger fans, enhance personalization of content, increase sales of merchandise and boost revenues. The firm also has tools for authentication and identification to ensure that the users are engaging with real people. Its fan commerce product gives sports clubs the ability to sell anything online from membership or merchandise to tickets for events.

Further, the firm offers customized solutions to discuss and interact with fans and listen to what they are saying. Essentially, it helps users to reach wherever their fans or potential fans are. The platform provided by the firm can bring together both the fans and other stakeholders so that the comments and club posts can form a part of the branding exercise and merchandising sales. Fanworld can help one derive actionable insights from fan conversations so that they can utilize it for better sponsorship deals and partnerships. “We can give players and sporting stars a voice and connect them to the fans like never before,” concludes Raja, Product Manager, Fanworld.