Linen House: Weaving Elegance & Luxury That Meets The Need Of Masses

Tirupati Rao Vojja & Srikanth Avirneni,    DirectorsA compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9 percent was used to calculate the growth of the worldwide fashion and apparel market, which increased from $551.36 billion in 2021 to $606.19 billion in 2022. The market for clothing is anticipated to increase at 6.1 percent CAGR to $768.26 billion by 2026. The market for clothes production is anticipated to rise as internet shopping becomes more popular. As a result of manufacturers' increased ability to sell their goods on a wider range of platforms than before, the garment manufacturing market will expand geographically as a result of an expansion in their consumer base.

For instance, e-commerce platforms in nations like India have increased the sales of traditional clothing by increasing the exposure of manufacturers who were formerly restricted to a specific geographic area where the weaving community was located. Since its opening in September 2019, Linen House, based in Hyderabad, has been providing the market and fashion-conscious customers with a wide selection of exclusive linen clothing for men and women, including uncommon items like sarees and dhotis in addition to the standard items. Bringing luxury, grace and style to your homes, Linen House is making fashion accessible to all and sustainable for the environment.

The Brand Story
Tirupati Rao Vojja and Srikanth Avirneni, two exceptionally talented people, formed Linen House. Vojja received his schooling in apparel production management and comes from a typical agricultural family background. He started his career in 1999 and has over 23 years of broad expertise in retail in addition to experience in the business of exporting. The most well-known business venture of Avirneni is Kisan Media Innovation which he established with the aim to close the gap in skills between both the workplace and colleges and equip the youth with more employable talents. With the goal of making luxury affordable for everyone, the dynamic team joined forces to start Linen House. “The logo of Linen House reflects class and elegance. Its brand mark is of a 'Linen Flax Flower' that symbolizes ‘Linen class for all’. The brand identity of Linen House celebrates ‘world classness’, and what the fabric has always been representative of”, shares Srikanth Avirneni, Director.

The firm chose the Linen material for a number of benefits that it provides in addition to being a truly luxurious material, which up until now was only commonly used by the elites. Linen is an organically available material which is super light, yet is extremely strong. The material is known for its Strength and durability which was one of the primary reasons why it was chosen by the firm. Secondly, it's a natural fiber with a lower environmental impact than cotton which stands for the cause of sustainability, a need of the hour. Sustainable fashion is the trend now, and one which is expected to stay for a
long time, given the rise in social consciousness of purchasers.

Furthermore, Linen is extremely light and airy. This Breathable and highly absorbent material is ideal for countries that experience extremely hot climates such as India. Linen has the ability to feel light, and comfortable even in the scorching sun. Finally, Linen also has a very unique quality which is its Naturally insect repelling ability. This simply implies that the material would remain unharmed and last a long time. Since it is insect repellent, the material will not develop a stench over long hours of wearing. Additionally, the material would be safe on the skin since it would not let bacteria develop as easily as most other materials do.

“Linen is a niche fabric, and there are very few brands that are focusing on Linen, in the fashion industry as such. That makes Linen House one of the top choices for anyone looking for Linen clothing. That apart, we have uncontemporarised the very possibilities of Linen. We have even Linen Dhotis and Linen Sarees, and most of all, our range is affordable, despite being a fabric that is nature-sourced and premium in feel and fashion. In the markets we serve, we are a one-stop-store for everything Linen. What sets us apart is our range in Linen Shirts that include Stripes, Patterns, Casuals, Checked. And Linen Sarees in Embroidery, Prints, and Checks. While Linen is a premium fabric, we have been able to offer our products at affordable prices”, further states Tirupati Rao Vojja.

The firm chose the linen material for a number of benefits that it provides in addition to being a truly luxurious material, which up until now was only commonly used by the elites

Portfolio of Products
For those who prefer to dress well or are involved in the design industry, linen has been a delight. It is regarded as a fashion designer's dream because of its adaptability. However, it is a fabric that delivers refinement to the buyer. Every season is a favorite time to use linen. Linen House has it’s presence in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka right now. As there is good demand and competition for Linen cloth, Linen House kept up the pace and have been able to meet the demand for linen, which is constantly changing. With the anticipated increase, the brand is optimistic about expanding.

Exclusive linen clothing for both men and women is available at Linen House in a wide variety.

Their products have always been reasonably priced despite using excellent cloth. The company was started because the founders saw that there is a sizable demand for linen clothing, given the many advantages the fabric provides, in addition to the fact that it is a fabric that is associated with and desired for a particular status. The Linen House collection includes ready to wear shirts, trousers, dhotis, sarees, as well as linen fabric that is already cut and ready to sew. There are Striped, Patterned, Casual, and Checked Linen Shirts available. As well as linen sarees with prints, checks, and embroidery. Despite the fact that linen is a highend fabric, they are able to provide their items at reasonable pricing due to the ability to source the raw materials from the best places at the best costs and their utilization of traditional methods of weaving every single piece. The ultimate goal of the brand is to establish its identity as a one-stop shop for high quality, luxurious feeling Linen garments for all people.

As a result of its commitment and dedication to its product range and quality, Linen House, in the short span since its inception, not only garnered a huge fan base and recognition around the country, but has also been the recipient of numerous accolades celebrating the brand’s contributions in the fashion industry. Linen House has received the international glory awards 2021 for best brand in linen (in retail), the times business awards 2020 for fastest growing retail brand by times business award, the India business awards 2020 for 'thinking, new growing brand in hyderabad - 2020' by brand voltz in the category of business awards, the 100 India's top franchises 2020, and the India prime icon award 2021 in Appreciation of Visionary Guidance and Exemplary Leadership Skills.

Future Roadmap
Since the beginning of the company, Linen House, the team has expanded to include an online marketplace model in addition to the original offline format. Currently, e-Commerce is the main focus, but shortly, distribution, which is in the trade sector, will also be explored. With a strategic blueprint for its future expansion set in motion, Linen house is on the fast track to becoming India’s most prominent Linen garments brand.