Fast Track Facilities: Striving to Deliver the Best Experiences to Manage Businesses

Raghubar Jha, Co-Founder & CEO

Raghubar Jha

Co-Founder & CEO

Facilities management is the tools and services that are needed to support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, and grounds. Infrastructure, and real estate. Superior facility management ensures that the organization and its people feel engaged and deliver their best work, by making sure the buildings are safe, welcoming, and efficient. The synchronization of people and products maintains a harmonious balance to create a better work environment.

Fast Track Facilities is a group of talented facility management professionals with years of experience in manufacturing large modern day facilities. It was established in March 2016 and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, which has managed to deliver the best services continuously and is the first choice amongst many MNCs, Malls, and big homeowners. It is a professionally managed organization offering total facility solutions, including housekeeping services, and business support services such as electro mechanical services.

Security services, guest house management, horticulture services, and pest control services, serving customers in the various verticals of industry such as IT/ITES, Banking, Retail, Health Care, and Hospitality. "Through new technology enabled services and systems, we offer smart, sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, resulting in greater productivity, food safety, and
infection control, all of which ultimately improve the end user experience. We never compromise on the quality of our work, which has been our commitment from the beginning", mentions Raghubar Jha, Co-Founder & CEO of Fast Track Facilities.

Fast Track facilities are set apart from other players in the market by its initiatives for corporate social responsibility and sustainability as a business. It creates opportunities for growth, and transformation through technology, and builds strong communities by working together with the clients. More than ever, Fast Track's mission is to define the future of facilities for a better world and it specializes in providing swift deep cleaning services to all the important areas of the workplace and space. It provides an array of services which includes Soft Services Specialist(housekeeping, pest control, pantry services, floor polishing, marble crystallization glass cleaning and landscaping), Cleaning Services (cleaning building, retail, office cleaning, hotels, healthcare, telecom), Property Maintenance (plumbing, carpentry, HVAC operators, DG operators, hydrant/pneumatic pump operators, and more) along with round the clock support services and regular audit on quality and client satisfaction.

Fast Track facilities are set apart from other players in the market by its initiatives for corporate social responsibility & sustainability as a business

Future Roadmap
Fast Track Facilities' expansion has been excellent so far. What started as a 3-member team, now employs 1400 team members across 17 cities and continues to grow despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The company's goal is to employ 5000 people by the end of March 2025. Raghubar says, "I still remember the period after the arrival of Covid-19, during which we experienced stress due to the decline of the real estate market, the failure of commercial buildings, the rise of the culture of co-working spaces, and other factors.

Despite these challenges, we did not lose, our existing clients recognized the value of our work, which assisted us in attracting new customers through networking and word of mouth marketing saved us and made us strong". Their ability to think strategically about the future sets them apart from their competitors, with the aim of providing the greatest service possible through the use of cutting-edge technology, that will actually have an impact. Additionally, in order to fulfil their social responsibility, they will soon hire handicapped and transgender individuals to help the company diversify.