Febonic: One Stop Shop for High Quality Furnishing Solutions

Shakti Singh,  CEOEcommerce has revolutionized the process of buying and selling goods. Especially, in the online furniture sector, there has been a massive shift in the trends. Some of the major factors driving the demand for online furniture are the increased digitisation, growing share of urban millennials, and the usage of mobile devices which is making it easier than ever to browse and shop online. This unprecedented growth of the e-com world is further fuelled by the onset of Covid-19. The stringent regulations have forced everyone to adapt to the new way of life. As they say in the midst of every crisis, lies a great opportunities. This adage holds true for all the businesses.

One such business turning the crisis into opportunity is Febonic, a promising online furniture store that offers a wide range of furniture to suit home interiors and make it a better place to live. Customers can either buy furniture carved out of solid wood material from the company’s offerings or get it customized to match their requirements. “Ourobjective is to deliver highquality and affordable home décor products to customers such as sofas, beds, mattress and more,” states Shakti Singh, Founder and CEO of Febonic. Shakti has a vast experience in the ecommerce space; working in several eommerce companies, he found that furniture space was not that established. So
he decided to stir a revolution in the furniture space by designing and delivering reliable, personalized products at less cost.

One of the major aspects that customers look at while buying furniture is premium quality and cost. Febonic understands the customer needs by using power of technology. Using machine learning algorithms for stock ordering, The firm ensures that customers get products they want in stock, and delivered in time. Customers can find the features, functionality, dimensions of the products, all with great ease. Febonic believes in delivering practical design-led furniture without an inflated price tag. The company’s main goal is to remove importers, wholesalers and high-end stores from the equation, and offer great products and stellar services directly to customers.

Our objective is to deliver highquality and affordable home décor products to customers

When it comes to quality of the product, Febonic is ISO 9001 certified. Every product is stamped with a serial number, added to the company’s online database and constantly quality checked from start to finish. “At Febonic, quality isn’t just a word. It’s the word!We aim for the best because our customers deserve the best”, emphasizes Shakti. The company’s speciality is making modern and traditional style furniture. They also take extra pride in their frame woodwork, and upholstery.

To source the best materials and textures, the team at Febonic has travelled across the globe from Europe to India and China to name a few. Throughout their journeys, they have discovered expert craftsmen who, like them, yearned to create products with detailed dedication.

The company starts with a basic concept, an idea with potential to grow into a product. They then ask: what will the product look like? How will customers use the product? Febonic considers three factors during conceptualisation: original vision, the needs of the customers and of course, what their data tells them. Setting the right market price is the icing on the cake.

All Febonic’s products are available exclusively through the company’s site at affordable price. “We regularly research the market to ensure that these traditional retail prices represent realistic prices on comparable items,” states Shakti. With such products, services and capabilities, Febonic is all set to change the furniture industry for the better.