FeedMyPockets: The Gig Economy Platform

Prashant Janadri & Naveen Ramachandra,FoundersWith the country having the second largest population in the world, India also has the highest number of student body population. As this population continues to rise, more and more students have now become eager to earn while learning at the same time. But due to the non-availability of such platforms that are ready to provide students with a job opportunity and enable temporary and Flexi jobs in the economy. Prashant Janadri and Naveen Ramachandra analysed this contingency over time and felt the urge to do something about the problem. That is when both of them came together and decided to foray into the entrepreneurial world with their venture FeedMyPockets- an on-demand staffing platform. A tech-driven on-demand staffing platform, FeedMyPockets strives to connect companies with pre screened deployable temporary workers. "At FeedMyPockets, we try to match the right fit for your requirement and train them for the job necessities. Through our Job-bot, a client can let us know their requirement in just 30 seconds and through our AI based search engine finds you the right fit based on the criteria," says Prashant Janadri, Founder, FeedMyPockets.

Simplifying your temporary staffing needs by providing curated staff with end-to-end managed services, FeedMyPockets is on the path of revolutionising the whole concept of Gig Economy in India with its new age tech solutions in the staffing industry. From Customer Acquisition, Sampling & Merchandising, Warehouse Operations, BTL Marketing and Events & Hospitality to Customer Service, Delivery Fleet, Audits & Surveys, Vendor & Merchant Diligence and Inventory Maintenance, the company provides its temp staff services for different roles in multiple industries. Along with that, it also offers the feature of a custom based dashboard which lets you manage, track and communicate with your workforce on real time. "Our community of temp staffs is qualified through vigorous vetting processes to guarantee quality. As companies across the verticals are facing problem in getting the flexi staff we are continuously finding new supply cases. Through our service portfolio, they can now post seamless requirements, track the projects and executives, train them
over online and offline modules," adds Naveen Ramachandra, Founder, FeedMyPockets.

The organization has been supporting its clients to post seamless requirement, select the executives over a digital resumes, track the projects and executives on real time on the execution, train executives over online and offline modules, and track all their projects through customized dashboard. It is extending its limits by working towards bringing new age tech solutions in the staffing industry as well.

Simplifying your temporary staffing needs by providing curated staff with end-to-end managed services, feedmypockets is on the path of revolutionising the whole concept of gig economy in India

An intuitive workforce management platform, FeedMyPockets has developed a tech product for automated screening and verifying the executives. It currently works on a zero inventory model and has implemented deep tech process in acquisition, job posting, operations and quality control. This concern has the support of two BIT alumni and a super team of 26 people. The team mainly consists of young and spirited minds. Each one of them have accumulated abundant expertise by working at software firms, FMCG, On-demand service,

Finance firm and other enterprises. As a bootstrapped company, it works with startups to unicorns and enterprise to retails where it has served over 250 companies so far. Headquartered in Bangalore, FeedMyPockets has set its foot in the market of Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

Having served over 38,000 mandays since inception, the company has a long way in the market and does not hesitate to go an extra mile to fulfil the requirements of its clients. "We are looking forward to reach 100,000 mandays in the coming financial year. We are also welcoming more best talents, mentors and passionate investors on board," they conclude on a proud note.

Products Built So Far:
• Automates Screening To Verifying The Executives,
• Trains The Executives
• Tracks On Real Time
• Pays Over Instant Time

• Consistent Quality
• Flexible Workspace
• Saves Time
• Reduced Costs
• Complete Transparency
• New Age Recruitment
• Managing
• Tracking

• Customer Acquisition
• Sampling & Merchandising
• Warehouse Operations
• Btl Marketing
• Events & Hospitality
• Customer Service
• Delivery Fleet
• Audits & Surveys
• Vendors & Merchant Diligence
• Inventory Maintenance