Feelpixel: IntegratingEmotion into Designs to Add a sense of Personalization to Every Online Platform

NitinPanwar,  Founder



The International User Experience and Design (UX) Market Size was estimated to be worth USD 465.00 million in 2021. Demonstrating a growth rate of CAGR of 16.40% between the forecast period of 2022-2028, the industry is projected to expand to USD 1346.20 million. In the upcoming years, the growth of the UI/UX technology industry is anticipated to be driven by the growing preference for a coordinated approach for designers and the movement towards adopting cutting edge tools to create compelling content. Tapping into this growing market to leverage its full potential is Feelpixel, a committed UI/UX design firm focused on providing clients from all over the world with top-notch digital experience design solutions.

Feelpixel, established in 2017, delivers specialized and tailored design services, including end-toend product development, UI/Visual design, Motion design, UX writing, and UX design for digital brand identity. “Our core focus is on user centric designs along with emotional design. We believe that to create user centric products, we must dig deeper into the emotional aspect of the users which actually enables any product to create a sense of connection which ultimately helps businesses to achieve success”, says Nitin Panwar Founder. The firm’s unique approach has led it to grow better than its expectations in the past 5 years. Growing from a team of 3 to 14 in this short span, while turning clients
into brand ambassadors is no easy feat, but the quality of Feelpixel’s services has made the achievement possible.

Promising a Range of Services
“The word “Feeling” was on my mind while ideating for the company name and FEELPIXEL hooked immediately as it connected with the core philosophy of the company. Keeping in mind the business aspect of the product, we create meaningful solutions for the users which makes the product successful”, further adds Panwar. Keeping this mission in mind, the firm’s services and products were designed to align with the vision of helping people by understanding their needs accurately.

We believe in "People first" approach and therefore we invest our time in understanding users, their desires, needs, pain points and understanding what makes them excited, happy & brag about the products

The complete range of services offered by Feelpixel include designing end-to-end digital products including mobile apps, web applications, and PWA among others. UX research and strategy designing, competitive analysis, information architecture, wireframe screen flow design, motion and animation design, visual design and language and UI design, are all crucial services in Feelpixel’s portfolio. Furthermore, the firm can help in redesigning existing products to improve efficiency and effectiveness, thereby addressing common pain points of the clients which usually revolve around low conversion rates, low engagement and lack of aesthetic hooks.

Future Roadmap
The firm has set clear cut goals for itself in the coming years. Within the next three years, Feelpixel is aspiring to expand business overseas, initially targeting the market in the Middle East, South Africa, US and Europe. The firm aims at creating specialized departments to establish a strong expertise in every vertical of its niche. Additionally, the firm is focusing on expanding its teams in project management, content design as well as front end development. The firm is also gearing up to welcome any technological shifts that may be introduced to the domain in the coming years while collaborating with bigger companies, particularly targeting Fortune 100 companies, leading to the company’s growth by at least 60 percent within the next 3 years.