Fenit Enterprises: Delivering Top-Notch Services And Products

By Nithin Pareedpillai,   PropietorA company's success is determined by its employee’s performance, but the employee’s performance is to a great extend influenced by the kind of environment they breathe in. If an organization wishes to avail the veracious calibre, confidence and loyalty of its workforce then without any exception it should put into effect a strong and effective work ethics. Working in a positive and motivating space can indubitably make place for rock solid dependability and accountability which enables the growth and prosperity. “A healthy and lively office environment is the represents a company’s external and internal identity. It is the work culture that influences all aspects of a business. The smooth functioning and the positive advancement of a company are the signs of its robust work ethics. So observing a culture that values and appreciates its staffs, fortune and progress is inevitable,”states Nithin Pareep pillai, Proprietor, Fenit Enterprises.

Being in the industry for quite substantial years, Nithin has set a strong hand on the business activities. Being the founder of Fenit Enterprises he made sure that its objectives are met. He knew that a company can only flourish if it has the fair and square support of the staff members, be it the director of the company or a clerk. Nithin
made sure to make his employee feel at home to make sure that they are comfortable enough to freely discuss about their ideas, feelings, suggestions which can be definitely used for the betterment of the company. The company is of the belief that if its workforce has confidence in itself than they can win any uphill battle and emerge victorious. He did perceive that the only mantra to constructively succeed in the business world is to first frame a fundamentally simple and positive work environment under which its employees can feel motivated and confident enough to pull out all stops in order to accomplish the company’s end in view. Taking everything under strict consideration, it has created a supportive, opportune, warm, flexible and productive work environment. “It is important that we have a cordial relationship with our employees. They are our backbone, our strength of will. If that is not taking care of standing up straight and effectual in an ecosystem that contains such cutthroat competition is not to impossible. Every great idea, every venture requires a dedicated and hard working team that have all the intention to carve out a positive outcome. It has been our core duty to keep our workers all empowered with all available and necessary facilities,” he adds.

Popularly known for its wide and far reaching offerings, fenit enterprises puts forward top-notch services and products

Popularly known for its wide and far reaching offerings, Fenit Enterprises puts forward top notch services and products. It has built up authorized channels with some of the leading companies such as Keselec Schreder, Jaquar Lighting, Hubbell India Electrical Products and so and so forth. It has served clients from different verticals Electronic Security Systems, Solar Systems, Electronic accessories for lighting, Home Automation and others. It assures to deliver the right product for every unique requirements and needs.

The recent tie up with Hubbell India Limited has made the company to give any solutions in communications & Data Center,Power, Utility Substation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas, Grounding & Protection, Control Systems, Mining & Metal, High Voltage Testing Systems. “Now with Fenit’s Strong footing in Electrical systems, Lighting Products and Power Systems we touch your lives in more ways than you think. You will be sure to find the right product for your unique requirements from our vast expanse of 65 plus brands anywhere in south India,”he mentions.