Fernweh Agro: A Mission to Revolutionize Food and Beverage Industry by Providing Locally Sourced Ingredients

Dushyant Jharwal,FounderConsumers have lately become concerned about the adverse effects of chemicals, phosphate fertilizer and other inorganic flavouring used in food production. There is a rising unanimity among individuals about the advantages of using organic foods. The unprecedented increase in demand for organic food products has culminated in many start-ups with innovative business practices that are aimed at addressing these current crises.

Established in 2020, Dushyant Jharwal's brainchild is Fernweh Agro, who realized that the demand for food and beverage products lacks ethically sourced, conventional blends and natural alternatives. The seed for the launch of Fernweh Agro was germinated by this awakening factor in which products are locally sourced, ecologically packaged and happily served to their consumers.

The mission of Fernweh Agro is to create a marketplace to sell their products to these local suppliers without having to worry about seeking the buyers, shipping the product, collecting payments, or any of the back-end operations.

Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of well-vetted experts to help their customers find the ideal range of tea blends, coffee beans or skincare to accommodate the needs of every customer. The brand is rapidly increasing and serves the needs of both Indian and International customers.
Laying the Foundation of Journey
The team of Fernweh Agro was imbibed with the spirit of discovering the nook and corner of the country and procure beverages (CTC, Coffee or green teas) from the small growers and engaging them to build an indigenous beverage and FMCG market segment value chain. At the same time, they also decided to provide the client with a fresh experience to try many tea and coffee options.

Fernweh Agro provides numerous variations of teas from fruit-flavoured to exotic flowers and herbs range, their CTC teas offer indie options and a more sophisticated premium Meraki variety, and also, have produced indigenous coffee bean flavour for the coffee shelf.

Fernweh Agro wants the beverage segment to evolve in the country and cater to the emerging markets internationally where the customer seeks to experience a variety of beverages as per their needs and requirements. The company has tried to create a portfolio of different ways of preparing various cultural drinks. Dushyant Jharwal, Founder, Fernweh Agro asserts, "With the place of origin, we have tried to describe every flavour and have blended in the spirit of travel and experiencing the world. To introduce new tastes to the domestic market, we have created a few foreign flavours such as Maghrebi tea and African Rooibas.

The richness and diversity of the beverages available with Fernweh Agro cannot compete with both in the international and the national market. We have tried to bring out the regional ethos and have depicted the cultural backdrop with reasoning which led to the development of any flavour. Of course, flowers and fruits have been an all-time favourite of the customers, we have kept utmost care in selecting most of the available flavours."

Served the Best
All of their tea is directly obtained from the best growing regions in Darjeeling and Assam. To enhance global manufacturing practices, the Fernweh Agro unit is ISO 2200 and HACCP accredited, and all teas are vacuum-packed and preserved without moisture in temperature-controlled conditions.

Since its inception, Ferweh Agro has managed to sell over ten million cups of tea and in 25+ tier 1 cities and tier 2 cities, they have developed huge distribution networks. The company has succeeded in building a loyal customer base and wants to create a niche market with its premium products.

Dushyant concludes saying, "To explore the global markets, we are preparing ourselves, Fernweh intends to develop a niche clientele for itself, which has a refined taste and desire for organic and luxury items, from drinks to personal care. To support small organic farmers, we want to extend our base and build value-based supply chains."