FIN & ME Wealth Partners: Demystifying Financial Independence for Every Investor

Anirudh Srinivasan & Lakshmi Kanthan (LK),   Co-FoundersIn the age of YouTube videos and social media influencers, individuals are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of financial information online. Many struggle to grasp the intricacies of personal finance due to time constraints and a lack of patience for extensive learning. Even professionals in the financial industry often communicate using complex jargon, creating a disconnect with retail investors who lack basic investment knowledge. Chennai-based Fin & Me is bridging this knowledge gap and making financial concepts accessible to everyone. Founded with a vision to simplify investing and guide individuals on their journey toward financial freedom, Fin & Me has swiftly established itself as a trusted partner in personal finance.

The founders, Lakshmi Kanthan (LK) and Anirudh Srinivasan hads own the seeds of Fin & Me through a blog that aimed to demystify financial jargon and educate readers about money management. Recognizing the need for more comprehensive assistance to empower first time investors, they eventually established Fin & Me Wealth Partners.

Registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Fin & Me guides individuals from the basics, helping them evaluate their finances and track budgets with user-friendly tools. The firm simplifies equity investing, compounding, goal based planning, and asset allocation with engaging financial literacy sessions. “We don't just see you as clients but become your wealth partners. We provide financial expertise while you contribute the personal aspect of the personal finance equation by deciding how your money should work for you. Together, we create a harmonious balance that enables effective financial management tailored to your needs and goals”, explains Anirudh.
Fin & Me primarily focuses on mutual funds as their flagship offering. “We believe mutual funds provide a straight forward investment vehicle for retail investors to achieve their longterm financial goals without the need for complicated products”, highlights LK. Fin & Me’s approach starts with encouraging clients to track monthly expenses, enabling them to gauge their investible surplus accurately. By determining financial goals and time frames, the firm constructs custom, diversified portfolios of mutual funds based on appropriate asset allocation. Beyond mutual funds, Fin & Me selectively offers direct equity, pre-IPO stocks, private equity investments, and structured debt opportunities to financially independent clients looking for wealth maximization.

We believe by empowering individuals to be financially independent, we are contributing towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat

Several case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Fin & Me's solutions. In one instance, Fin & Me guided a client struggling with credit card debt and limited funds on expense tracking, budgeting, and debt management. Once debt-free, Fin & Me began the client’s investment journey with safer funds to build an emergency corpus before gradually allocating funds to equity and debt mutual funds. In another instance, an NRI client with a stable rental income sought to invest in equities to maximize wealth and fund retirement in India. Fin & Me recommended a small, focused portfolio of funds for above average returns, which turned fruitful.

Lakshmi Kanthan(LK), Co-Founder

Fin & Me conducts all activities online, from virtual client discussions to online account opening and SIP initiation. Leveraging Aadhar and Digi Locker based tele verification, along with live photo and location recording, the firm prioritizes convenience, security, and ease of access for clients.

Fin & Me meets all regulatory requirements such as having an active NISM V-A certification, AMFI registration number (ARN), and NSE membership. The firm also envisions expanding its NRI client base while continuously exploring innovative yet straightforward and safe financial products to meet domestic clients' aspirations. “We believe by empowering individuals to be financially independent, we are contributing towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat”, concludes LK.