Legacy Investment Managers: Minimize Risks Maximise Profitability

Prabhakar Ragavendra,Managing Director

Prabhakar Ragavendra

Managing Director

Growing a business is a tough job. However, any entrepreneur must be cognizant that the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Overcoming those challenges takes time, patience and guidance, especially when it comes to wealth. Every business, on a path to growth, encounters turbulence at one time or another. A common growing pain witnessed is getting finances in order. If any business is exploring growth options, the books need to be balanced and businesses need to be familiar with their financial limitations. There is a healthy balance that should exist within each business' expenditures and profits. If the costs of operating a business exceed the profits being produced, it's time to bring an expert in. By examining the historical patterns of portfolios, experts can estimate all possible outcomes around the long-term average return generated via an investment & through a continuous investment-advisory process that encompasses financial planning, investment portfolio management and several aggregated financial services, these experts offer a plethora of strategies and plans that allow affluent businesses and individuals to attain all possible financial goals systematically.

Ideally fitting into the picture is Mumbai-based is Legacy Investment Managers, that is in the business of translating risks and opportunities, within a complex and dynamic ecosystem, into outcomes that reflect the most fundamental human need for creating a legacy and prosperity. Legacy is envisioned as an all-encompassing, boutique firm that delivers comprehensive, end-to-end financial solutions. The company offers a diverse range of services that includes right from evaluating the assets segmentation to the smallest of details on asset allocation and liquidity management where it takes professional responsibility in studying strategic and operational plans for its clients. Broadly, its services include family office, investment portfolio management, real estate management, bookkeeping and tax accounting functions. "What makes us unique is the extra mile we walk to identify opportunities and anticipating trends. We do not limit ourselves to strategies that we are familiar with; instead, our focus is more on investigating and assessing an ever diverse array of investment vehicles and management approaches," enlightens Shagun Khosla, CEO/Director.

At Legacy, the competent team thoroughly scrutinizes all of their products and service ideas to ensure best in class analysis before advising the same to the clients. "We have a team that personally connects with all fund managers and only after rigorous research & due diligence, we shortlist our product offerings. Being an independent advisor, our clients can expect impartial advice and customised investment strategies owing to our label agnostic approach," says Shagun.

The Genesis
Legacy Investment Managers boasts of a strong foundation laid down by two of the most credible names in the business community, Mr. Sudhakar R Rao and Mr. Prabhakar Ragavendra. Together, they have scripted the success stories of Sievert Group of Companies, as well as the Gemini Group. Their 30 years of leadership experience in Oil &Gas & Energy sectors across the Middle East and India, as well as Real Estate Development in the Middle East, the two bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, as the mentors and promoters of the organization. Their strong business values and an unwavering sense of ethics are the guiding principles of the firm, and it is portrayed in the way the team works. Throwing light on the founding story, Sudhakar says, "Prabhakar and I have a long history of working as one unit, right from when we launched Sievert, and even before that. We realized that there was a strong emerging need for a hands-on and family-centric approach, with credible expertise to deliver trustworthy wealth management services across all asset classes. What has inspired us at Legacy Investment Managers is the goal of orienting our services towards the creation of a multi generational, truly secure and robust financial performance. We take the approach of rationalizing broad-ranging holdings by reducing liabilities, optimizing returns and securing immovable assets through innovative and holistic strategies."

"Expect impartial advice and customised investment strategies owing to our label agnostic approach"

Being a young firm, what is pivotal to team Legacy, is to assist businesses by making them proactive and helping them to contemplate clearly and make beneficial decisions. The company leverages the broadest range of expertise both, within the company and outside it to leave no stone unturned. "We tap a truly diverse and comprehensive array of skill sets to ensure that every decision is well informed and trend sensitive. I believe our 360-degree, holistic approach and our willingness to engage with the industry will not only help us evolve but set a standard for the industry as well,' mentions Shagun.

The Core Values
One of the major concerns that team Legacy attends to is rationalizing all related wealth management processes, from asset allocation and maintaining asset registers to tax planning, liquidity management, real estate advisory and managing offshore assets. Besides, it also creates a dynamic and value added relationship with external experts and industry stalwarts. The central emphasis is on communicating with clients and involving their ongoing inputs. "The management's commitment to being the enablers of cohesive and streamlined operations is the core of our efforts but to act in concert, we rely heavily on the input of every employee in the business," he avers.

"I strongly believe that clients are not asking for the moon, their primary concern is that assets are secure and that they can rely on us to deliver results that match or exceed the best alternatives"

The company relies on a strong client first commitment which is ingrained in every employee. All of the employees work towards a common goal developing meaningful, trustworthy and long lasting relationships with all stakeholders. In one year, Legacy Wealth has established its presence in 4 locations across the country with nearly 40 employees thereby denoting growth and its determination of retaining a long term view that reflects in real human needs rather than basic bottom-line concerns. "We are one of the youngest and fastest growing firms in India. We are planning an offsite trip for all the employees to celebrate the same,"he adds.
The Journey to Greatness
The journey of Legacy Wealth, so far, has been one that has involved rapid expansion and hitting the ground running. Surpassing the obvious initial challenges, the company has come a long way from where it all started. "There are no shortcuts to gaining a reputation in providing a service like wealth management. Clients are justifiably conservative in their approach. We have focussed on differentiating ourselves through the sheer range of services and their quality. As initial results become apparent for the larger industry to see, we are confident that our profile will reflect that fact," expresses Shagun. The company, with its headquarters in Mumbai and other offices in Bengaluru, Kolkata & Chennai has on boarded around 100 families who are prominent names in the country.

At Legacy, a competent team thoroughly scrutinizes all of their product and service ideas

In a broader context, Legacy Wealth, in the coming years plans to reconcile high standards in both precedence as well as preparedness for the future. The team is aiming at $1 Billion number and have set their roadmaps for the same. "We want to be in the Top 10 Wealth Management firms, and we are sure that, with a fast growing firm like us, we shall be able to achieve our goal soon. Our extended partner network is an excellent resource that gives us access to in depth knowledge and awareness of possible future developments. We are constantly extending such relationships as well as developing inhouse expertise on an ongoing basis,"adds Shagun.

"We tap a diverse and comprehensive array of skill sets to ensure that every decision is well-informed and trend-sensitive"

"We at Legacy Wealth Management see ourselves as being in the business of reconciling human outcomes with complex market forces. Our entire approach is about creating better more fulfilled lives and ensuring the creation of a lasting legacy and multi-generational wealth. We would encourage our prospective clients and partners to experience the benefits of the team we have gathered and to join us in our journey of delivering best in class services, across every asset class and desired outcome, while

Sudhakar Rao, Chairman

creating unprecedented value addition,which can be achieved only by a boutique firm like us,” he concludes, on an enthusiastic note.

Key Management
Sudhakar Rao, Chairman
An Indian billionaire, visionary businessman and beloved champion of the people. He is the Founder & Managing Director of the Gemini Group. Following the incredible success of his first venture, he marched on new path of nurturing new ventures repeatedly and is now an icon in the business world. He inspires trust and faith in our business associates and stakeholder a like. “Prabhakar and I have a long history of working as one unit, right from when we launched Sievert, and even before that. We believe in empowering individuals, at every level within the organization, and giving them the freedom to make decisions. We see our role as driving this process and acting in an advisory capacity. The idea is to use the experience and expertise of everyone, while making sure that our efforts are all in the same direction”

Prodigious ambition, the right attitude and sharp foresight are what defines this Indian Billionaire and business mogul. Mr. Prabhakar Ragavendra, with a phenomenal experience of over three decades, he has devoted his business brains to companies in India and Middle east and has guided them to new heights of success.“To me leadership is about having clarity of vision and always acting with honest commitment towards the goal. It is that simple, but doing this consistently is where the challenge comes in. I believe people follow a live example, and the best way to influence future leaders is through our actions today. If one has a genuine vision and conviction, actions become consistent and a leader is able to make clear choices time after time. Ultimately such examples are what show future leaders the path to take a vision further”.

Shagun Khosla, CEO/Director
The Founder CEO/Director of Legacy Global Wealth has over one and a half decades’ experience in private wealth management. In Legacy he focusses on domestic wealth practices across business verticals and geographies. Having worked with IIFL Private Wealth Management, Kotak Wealth Management and HSBC Ltd. in his past stint, Shagun brings to the table a rich private wealth management & Family office experience with strong client relationships. He is responsible for providing the direction in achieving the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. “For any business to be successful it needs to create synergies, both within its internal structure and in the dynamics, it is able to establish with its clients and the market at large. Wealth Management deals with more than facts and trends. The more substantial the holdings being managed, the more emotive the performance figures are for clients, and justifiably so. This is a business based on trust and I see one of my most fundamental roles as facilitating consistently extraordinary results and standards of service. I strongly believe that clients are not asking for the moon, their primary concern is that assets are secure and that they can rely on us to deliver results that match or exceed the best alternatives. My approach is to set these expectations as the base level goal for ourselves and go much further in earning our client’s trust, through demonstrable value addition and a personalized, hands on approach, to client engagement and services.”

Vikram Sengupta - Managing Partner at Legacy Investment Managers, Bangalore
Vikram has over a decade's experience in Indian Capital Markets working at global investment banks like Lehman Brothers & Nomura Plc. He has also worked at firms like Anand Rathi in the Indian Wealth Management space. He holds an MBA in finance from IIM Calcutta along with a master's degree in Economics.

"At Legacy, we have consciously refrained from manufacturing in-house products to avoid any bias with respect to our offerings. There is an abundance of products in the market, but while creating a client proposition, each product is evaluated on a risk-adjusted basis before selecting the best in each asset class. While we are new as an entity, we ask clients to benchmark every element of our proposition with what they consider to be the best in the industry. As we are evolving, client feedback has proved to be extremely valuable in formulating our core offerings."

Areas of Specialization Advisory and Family Office
Legacy Wealth assumes the role of a family office by charting out the best way forward using the numerous skillsets at our disposal

Product Selection Platform
Legacy’s all encompassing product platform offers a wide variety of investments products and solutions to suit specific needs and risk appetite

Wealth Structuring
In order to create a lasting legacy, it’s necessary to build a long term structure for the management, control and succession of wealth

Corporate Advisory
Companies that leave a mark are invariably organizations that have a longterm vision

Real Estate Advisory
A comprehensive financial plan means not being limited to traditional instruments like stocks and bonds