Finyes Consulting: Implementing Smart Yet Simple Solutions for Better Financial Management

  Sundar S, Shivaraman R & Balajee S,    ManagersThe market for outsourcing financial and accounting services was estimated at $56.42 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 9.1 percent from 2023 to 2030. The development of the BPO sector in emerging economies and the rising demand for dependable, cost-effective services using cutting-edge technologies can be credited with the expansion. FINYES, founded in 2020 by industry experts bringing over 100 manyears of combined experience in the finance sector is one of India’s leading CFO outsourcing services companies, offering a wide range of financial consulting services to clients all across the globe.

The firm was established by seasoned professionals bearing exceptional pedigrees to bridge the gaps existing in the industry across the various verticals of financial services. With the onset of covid and the world going into complete lockdown, the organization swiftly adopted a completely virtual setup and has since been offering an assortment of accounting, CFO and risk assurance services to the clients.

Mission of the Firm
“Our personal integrity is our professional brand. Our mission is to combine our practical experience to predict and prepare our clients for upcoming challenges. This helps predict and resolve issues before they can happen. Our longterm vision is to provide solutions across the gamut of economic
value to organizations. Our goal as an ethical, professional consultant is to remain the trusted business partner of our clients”, share Sundar, Shivaraman & Balajee.

The firm’s core strength lies in understanding the client’s business well which enables the team to offer implementable solutions. The firm gets an advantage in providing customized solutions by seeing every client as a unique entity with novel issues rather than offering the same run of the mill solutions to all. The team is dedicated to enhancing the client experience and trust with its unique FINYES touch.

Services Offered
Given the team’s corporate background, FINYES’s full range of services includes five business verticals. The first vertical is consulting and advisory which is also the firm’s USP. Under this umbrella, FINYES offers management consulting services including ESG consulting, strategic and tax advisory, and finance transformation desk. Under the category of risk assurance, the firm offers services like enterprise risk management, SOC 2 certification, FCPA compliance, SOX, ICFR, and more. CFO services are the third category under which FINYES offers services like ‘Finance as a Service’, CFO advisory and ‘CFO In A Box’. The next category is that of technology practice and under this, FINYES offers advisory on ERP/tools, functional consulting, reporting automation of the MIS, Board Decks, finance, and operational dashboards. The last category is Human Resources which comprises competency mapping & development, learning programs, and talent development.

The firm also offers services like FEMA, treasury, internal control framework, setting up a center of excellence, setting up of offshore shared services, process, and reporting automation.

“Our core offerings are targeted to established organizations, and also to startups with the same professional approach. Our structured solutioning aims for the solution to be practical, takes less time to implement, and brings us happy clients. We provide fullstack services for the CFO and CEO’s offices. Our clients’ trust in us helped put in place a fully virtual set up we thrived with our strong foundation pillars of integrity, innovation, agility, and customer focus”, further share Sundar & Balajee.

For the coming years, FINYES seeks to leverage the technological advancements being developed to further help automate financial tasks for their clients. The team is also developing an ESG platform that would manage end-to-end reporting as well as every aspect of the broader ESG structure, thereby enabling companies to achieve their goals sustainably and steadily. The FINYES way of finance efficiency is to synthesize inputs, standardize processes, automate controls and build for scale.