Firebolt: Creating World-class Animation through Motion Capture & 3D Scanning Technologies

Tarun Hinduja,DirectorThe gaming and animation industry is a thriving market with its size thrice as of Hollywood. The animation industry in India has radically grown, breaking its traditional 2D animation barrier and moving into 3D animations with more realistic content appealing to larger audiences. Foreseeing this rising demand from the emerging industry and a need for advanced technologies, Tarun Hinduja, founded Firebolt Entertainment in 2013 with a vision to bring this trend to India and expose the industry to infinite possibilities of Motion Capture and 3D scanning technologies. Based in Hyderabad, the company is very proficient in motion capture, 3D asset creation and creation of digital doubles.

Pushing the Envelope

With the shift in demand for better VFX and more believable viewing experience in movies and games, motion capture is in the gradual process of becoming an integral part of their production. The young team of motion capture artists at
Firebolt have worked with world class clients and assisted in creating striking graphics for the games like
FIFA, Hitman, NBA and Due, for instance Human Revolution. With a cumulative experience of over 18 years, the team at Firebolt can provide Motion capture animation of all kinds, be it body, finger or facial animation. Since its conception, Firebolt has developed its own custom tools, pipelines and incorporated a diligent quality assurance process to assure best standards are met.

Firebolt specializes in Motion Capture and 3D asset creation that can turn a concept into a fully textured and animated game-ready character

Firebolt specializes in 3D asset creation that can turn a concept into a full textured and rigged character ready to be integrated into a game. Digital double is another breakthrough technology that Firebolt offers, where they create photo-realistic 3D models of people alive or dead to be used in movies where high risk stunts are involved and in E-Sport games to create identical 3d models of sports person.These techniques have been already used in Hollywood blockbusters like Fast and Furious, Captain America, Benjamin Button and many other movies, which created a lot of enthusiasm in the domestic
industry,” says Tarun. The company provides a complete solution for the creation of digital doubles developed through scanning, modeling, texturing and facial animation.

In the past three years, Firebolt has filled the gaps in the Indian animation industry by venturing into niche segments of Motion Capture, 3D scanning, and creation of Digital double. Its experience of working on AAA games and Hollywood movies has made the company a pioneer in the work it does. Catering to the growth and demand of the domestic industry Firebolt has also worked with several Indie game studios such as 9 Tails Studios and movie productions such First Frame Entertainment on their upcoming movie Gautamiputra Satakarni.

Down the Road

Starting with two guys and two laptops posed a heap of challenges initially for the company; but Tarun’s sheer determination and passion has driven them to be the path breaker in this market. Keeping the Make in India moto in mind the company is looking to expand its Motion capture and 3D scanning facility targeting prestigious movie and game projects developed in India. Currently Firebolt has five full time members who constantly learn from each other and cope up with the evolving trends. The evolution of Motion Capture in India is still in its nascent stage and to increase exposure towards the use of these technologies, Firebolt is planning to conduct workshops on Motion capture early next year.