First IPO: Bringing Innovations in Talent Acquisitions for Business

Manjunath R,Co-Founder

Manjunath R


The world around us is changing radically. Today innovations in every sector have become a crucial part of surviving in the ever-growing competitive market. Innovation is a crucial thing behind the success of a company in this competitive market, and recruitment is no exception. Modern innovations have transformed the whole concept of recruitment, radically affecting how organizations & recruiters are discovering and hiring potential candidates. In the past, HR systems were extremely rigid. Gone are those days when candidates used to search the organization's career pages, apply for the job and wait for the company's response. Today technology has gone to such extend that the candidates can connect to employers within a fraction of seconds. Technology has not only helped the candidates to apply for jobs easily but also the recruiters to find potential applicant within minutes across the globe.

"“Our leading video interviewing platform and cloud-based technology enable corporates to hire the best fit curated candidates virtually saving on time and cost and enhancing quality” says Manjunath R, Co-founder, First IPO."

First IPO is one such HR Tech startup that offers India's leading interview process outsourcing (IPO) platform. For the last 6 years, First IPO is helping several corporations both in India and globally to find the best fit talents virtually reducing time and cost and increasing quality. The company's main objective is to help its clients to select
the right employees for their organization through their SaaS based enterprise platform. The diverse geographical distribution of candidates makes it hard for corporates to identify potential candidates. First IPO’s high end technical reviewers and skilled HR team step in and help corporations to identify candidates efficiently.

“First IPO is doing an excellent job of providing all of the assistance required for conducting interviews, including finding qualified interviewers scheduling interviews, following up, and performing quality checks.The producthas matured over time and is now the best solution to the industry's recruiting problems.” Krishna Kishore Ankarboina, Head TA - UST

First IPO recognized the importance of modern technology and used it as an opportunity to create an AIML based platform to assist corporates and recruiters to identify & evaluate potential talents for their organizations. The team of experts working behind has experience of more than 10 years in the talent acquisition industry and therefore they are pretty efficient in screening the right candidates. First IPO uses advanced best-in-class technology to conduct coding & MCQ assessments. What makes them different from others is they are the first company to establish a Quality Management Team to identify abnormalities like proxy interview issues, lip-sync issues and duplication. Using the platform, the team can eradicate any such abnormalities that may occur.

One of the major issues in the industry is that the currently available job portals and professional networking platforms only provide access to candidate profiles and do not assist in matching the profiles to the job. First IPO using their AIML based platform offers bespoke skill evaluation, interviews and best fit matching. To manage the whole process, First IPO offers machine assisted interview management and 24*7 follow-up & support team to ensure every interview takes place on time. The crucial task of interviewing candidates is undertaken by its 4000+ Subject Matter Experts (SME). Individually, the SMEs have over 10 plus years of industry expertise in the selection process. SMEs can collectively evaluate over 400 different technological skills and their combinations.

Established in 2015, First IPO is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. With an efficient team of 75 plus membersit has successfully achieved the milestone of 20000 plus interviews per month. The company is looking forward to evaluating over a million candidates, deploy AI tech in evaluation and develop a large pool of curated profiles.