Fit Mentor: Trendy & High Quality Sportswear for Price Sensitive Consumers

Utkarsh Chaudhary,CEOThe Indian apparel market is complex and replete with challenges, yet presents immense growth opportunities to upcoming players. McKinsey's Fashion Scope report pegged the industry to be worth $59.3 billion by 2022. A growing trend with-in the industry is sportswear. The sector experienced boom specifically during the COVID-19 crisis, as there was a collective rise in number of health conscious consumers. In a market where domestic brands have been performing well owing to usage of social media and B2C sales, comes a new age sportswear player, Fit Mentor.

Founded in 2018, Fit Mentor specializes in creating reasonable priced yet high quality sportswear. "I sensed that domestic brands were lacking in providing good quality products to customers. This prompted me to manufacture reasonable priced, customised sports jerseys for consumers," explains Utkarsh Chaudhary, CEO, Fit Mentor. The start-up's primary focus has been to keep products priced in a way that makes it feasible for consumers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well.

Fit Mentor also aims to pro-mote the Indian sports industry and sportsmanship in the country, which prompted them to provide sports jerseys to the Indian domestic teams. The brand has emerged as one of the top most brands in Delhi NCR region that sells
football jerseys specifically. It successfully presents a platform to the unsung athletes of India.

Well Thought OutProducts
"We believe that good apparel can impact your performance," says Utkarsh. To this end, Fit Mentor's products are 100 percent polyester which ensures quick-dry and is free from any odour. The startup's first collection was AirTech, which was manufactured from 100 percent quick-dry recycled polyester. Then the Ballers collection was launched which is made from 100 percent cotton. The millennial collection is a winter collection which is a mix of polyester and cotton. Also, the brand has recently launched the Camou collection, which is also made up of 100 percent quick dry fabric. Fit Mentor creates every product after much deliberation by the design team and incorporates the requisite features. Undertaking a holistic approach to-wards design and manufacturing, the company ensures that quality standards are never compromised with.

We believe that good apparel can impact your performance

Strategic Roadmap Ahead
Fit Mentor's initial foray into the price sensitive Indian market was challenging, but with time consumer response improved immensely. The pandemic also brought along a plethora of roadblocks and Fit Men-tor could not launch its summer collection in 2020. Yet the company bounced back much stronger as it manufactured tracksuits and polo t-shirts for the Indian Army.

What had started as a six member team has today transformed into a lucrative business with increasing manufacturing turn over. Currently, the company's turnover has reached 85 lakhs. Fit Mentor's primary aim for 2022-23 is to spread its presence in different e-commerce platforms. Apart from Amazon and Ajio, Fit Mentor will be available on Flipkart by December.

In March 2022, it will launch its products on Myntra and in June it will focus on Nykaa Fashion. Next year, Fit Mentor will be introducing new products with Fit Mentor collective, the new sub-brand. The moto of the brand will be 999 store, which means that no product will cost more than 1000. After reaching a thresh-old of 1.5-2 Cr, in the coming year, it will look for angel investors and venture capitalists. With such a passion, it is no doubt that Fit Mentor is all set to shine in the near future.