Fitkin: Offering Smart Active Wear

Surbhi Chawla,Managing Directo

Surbhi Chawla

Managing Directo

The corporate culture in India has gradually evolved from formal to casual to athleisure owing to the 'work from home' option post covid. People today are prioritizing comfort and this has blurred the line between formal wear and active wear. The fact that yoga pants are preferred over a pair of denims demonstrates that fitness wear is the future of the apparel industry. Started in April 2018, Fitkin is a premium active wear brand for men and women. All the products at the company are made in India and match international quality standards.

The company is based in Delhi with its manufacturing unit in the city itself. Intensive technical expertise goes into the construction and engineering of the apparel from manufacturing to the finished product. The company focuses on creating intelligent active wear apparel for its customers. Fitkin has it all that heads active wear like tops, bottoms, jackets, etc. for men and women. The company's USP is that it caters to the comfort needs of its customers while keeping up with their style quotient as well. It uses high quality raw material from across the world that enhances performance needed for workouts. The style and fit offered by the company also make it the best in the market.

The boom in the Ecommerce sector also brought along a boom in the athletic apparel industry too. The numbers keep multiplying year on year and covid acted as an unfortunate catalyst to the apparel industry. Post covid, a rise in demand was seen for active wear apparel. With the New Normal in place, consumer behavior has changed owing to health awareness and body positivity, categories like athleisure have come to the forefront. The office culture today, packed schedules and stringent timelines, seldom allow any time for fitness. Fitness being an important aspect, should not be neglected to pace up with the busy routines. Fitkin products are designed in such a manner that the clients can squeeze in a
few minutes of their time in between their hectic schedules, and work out, without having to change twice.

Products That Suit The Indian Body Type & Climate
The products are designed keeping in mind the Indian body type and climate. The design and the fabric should sustain comfort at best while offering the intelligent fea tures essential to the active needs. The Indian climate is also a primary factor that needs special attention while designing the products. Thus, the right kind of fabric engineering and technology is required to sustain every climate type. From formal wear to even casual outings, Fitkin apparel adds style along with functionality. The customers can style the products with both formal and active wear. This also adds to their confidence while looking their best in comfort clothing. Fitkin takes pride in the fact that its products are paired with international brands by its customers.

The athleisure industry has a huge potential and fitkin is all set to leverage this growth

The technological innovations along with the brand focus on the three C's namely cut, construction and comfort form the foundation of product development at Fitkin.This has led to products of international quality, they are dry fit, odor free and wrinkle free. The products are not only suitable for a fitness enthusiast but a commoner too.

Best Raw Materials From Across The Globe
Fitkin gets the highest quality raw materials from across the globe. It designs and develops intelligent apparel for maximum comfort and functionality. Stringent quality measures are adopted by the company in the manufacturing process by using the best processes and machinery. Quality control is focus. The line managers are responsible for quality control at every stage, ensuring that the quality bench marks are at par with the global standards. Fitness apparel demands the right sizing and fit to differentiate them from casual wear/lounge wear. Fitkin works with designers and researchers from all parts of the world that gives the company an edge over the designs. This diverse team at Fitkin also helps to bring international fashion to the clients through their products.

Employment Opportunities For Local Karigars
Fitkin proudly associates itself to the Make in India initiative as all the products are manufactured within the country. This also helps in sustaining the livelihood of Indian Karigars and Masters. Covid saw some disheartening impact on the industry when most of the workers lost their daily bread. In such a time, Fitkin could be of some help in providing them with employment opportunities.

The market response for Fitkin has been great especially after acceleration in demand in athleisure wear. The products are much desired by the customers and the demand for them has been ever increasing. This has been the prior reason that it has grown three-fold in its three year journey year on year. It further plans to delve into sustainable practices and technologiesand expand into other categories, bringing more eco friendly apparel in the product line. It also plans to launch its own patented fabric that has been specifically designed to cater to the best quality needs of its customers.