FlaktGroup: Energy Efficient Indoor and Critical Air Technology Designs for Data Centers

Devraj Singh,Managing Director

Devraj Singh

Managing Director

Data centers are finding concrete grounds due to massive data demands. The numbers are only likely to spike to new levels in 2020 owing to the explosion of new technological devices and edge computing needs. To bring superior value to customers around the world, FlaktGroup is offering energyefficient CCU (Closed Controlled Unit) which is also called a precision AC for data center cooling. The company is providing cutting-edge products and services in close control/data centers and highly specified/industrial applications since 1918.

In 2016, FlaktGroup became the market leader in energyefficient indoor air technology solutions after undertaking DencoHappel Business (that was mainly in precision AC for data center space). FlaktGroup researches, develops and manufactures innovative products and solutions that improve indoor air comfort and well being while meeting or exceeding the highest quality standards.

“Managing the air within a Data Center is a critical requirement; if conditions change data can be lost or damaged. FlaktGroup is the new European market leader for energy-efficient Indoor Air Technology Solutions, providing our customers with the highest quality standards for improved air comfort in data center space”, explained Devraj Singh, Managing Director FlaktGroup India. To fulfill all the requirements of data center customers, FlaktGroup provides server room cooling solutions in a wide variety of sizes and styles so that it can maintain the critical condition of data.

The company offers MultiDENCO series Precision Air conditioner units with best in class inverter technology and an energy-efficient design platform. MultiDENCO brings flexibility, diversity and efficiency to ensure IT cooling requirements. It has various options and features like Automatic pressurized system (APS), energy monitoring, airflow monitoring, and power redundancy options. All critical components are selected in such a way that the system delivers the highest energy efficiency, especially at partial running loads.
Thousands of customers worldwide are benefited from these systems with less than 2 Years of ROI. The latest addition to this series is free cooling Multi-DENCO adding further to reduce operation cost in specified zones.

“FlaktGroup has a wide sales and service network to support customers worldwide, trained service personnel are serving to clients to ensure 24/7 operations and achieving maximum benefit from the products offered,” says Sandeep Vasant, Sr. Manager Sales & Marketing FlaktGroup India.

Sandeep Vasant, Sr. Manager Sales & Marketing

The company is present worldwide to provide their services to clients. One such client is from the leading telecom industry that was using Traditional PAC Units for the last 15 years. FlaktGroup approached them and showed that their products can save up to 30 percent of the energy more than any other product and will also bring down the operational cost.

FlaktGroup provides server room cooling solutions in a wide variety of sizes and styles so that it can maintain the critical condition of data

“We conducted a survey of some sites and studied the energy consumption pattern with running units, offered Inverter based systems with all the latest features to monitor actual power on a live basis.

Gajanan Manjaramkar, Associate Director Sales and R&D

The customer was guaranteed for min 20 percent saving and after a successful run for one year the actual saving turned out to be more than 30 percent!”, added Gajanan Manjaramkar, Associate Director Sales and R&D, FlaktGroup.

More so, in the near future, FlaktGroup will expand its products range to ROW COOLING, IN RACK COOLING and PAHU. FlaktGroup aims to be the leading strategic partner for smart energy-efficient indoor air and critical air solutions