FlexC: Aiming To Become The Best Platform To Hire & Manage Your Hybrid Workforce

Sonali Gupta,   Chief Business Officer

Sonali Gupta

Chief Business Officer

The global staffing industry is worth more than $500bn, wherein platform-based recruitment is only $28bn and is set to grow to $47Bn by 2027. It makes enough room for technology platforms to disrupt this industry and have new unicorns within this space. Established in 2020, Flexc, coming from Flex Consultants, is an AI-powered talent marketplace curated to help businesses hire and manage their hybrid workforce efficiently. For permanent hires, Flexc acts as an uber for 400+ agencies, helping them source profiles, connect with top candidates and clients, and close vacancies faster.

The pandemic has impacted how people work, moving the entire recruitment process online. It has accelerated digitization and has pressured HRs to adopt HR Tech for employee hiring, monitoring, engagement, and others. With the power of AI, Flexc wanted to convert resumes to proper digital profiles adding more layers to a candidate's overall profile by integrating social media, videos, and their skills. Flexc emphasizes on the growing flexible workforce freelancers and contractors, apart from permanent hiring, to distinguish it from the current market players.

In its journey so far, Flexc has surpassed the stages where it had to focus on creating a digital platform with robust AI capabilities and achieving an ample supply of consultants and organizations. It is looking to increase the efficiency of its model 10X while keeping the right balance of solving client needs and engaging professionals. "Currently, we have more than 50000+ consultants with 450+ skills, 400+ agencies for its talent aggregation model, and 500+ organizations. We have managed to scratch the surface and have witnessed good early traction of companies, agencies, and professionals signing up on our platform",
says Sonali Gupta, the Chief Business Officer at Flexc.

Streamlining the Complete Employment Cycle
Flexc has an ecosystem of solutions that fulfill every organization's end-to-end requirements. Flexc Hire is a one-stop platform for hiring and managing permanent employees. Flexc Contract is curated to manage and onboard an organization's contract employment cycle in a single streamlined flow. For hiring the finest freelance consultants and automating the entire process, Flexc Freelance is the solution. Flexc Force is an integrated SaaS platform curated to make an organization's time taking implementation cycles effortless. "Companies can customize Flexc as per their brand requirements and improve the efficiency of talent acquisition and business management. Recruiters on our platform can connect with top companies and candidates, close more vacancies and multiply their income 10X", says Sonali Gupta.

FlexC has an ecosystem of solutions that fulfill every organization's end-to-end requirements

Apart from our primary work models, Flexc goes the extra mile to ensure organizations get the best at one platform. Flexc is a step ahead of an ATS and has AI- Automated Pre-Screening, which reduces the overall cycle time by 50 percent. Its augmented intelligence provides integrated features like offline video interviews, online assessments, interview panels for L1 interviews, BGV, and so on. One dashboard for everything allows managing spending analytics, payments, tax compliances, time tracking, and milestone tracking at one platform. Flexc works within the lines and rules of a virtual first organization but still believes in the power of maintaining personal connections and often manages to meet and work outside its structure. Its team of 35+ professionals brings 100+ years of experience across different functions and brains with innovative ideas and expertise to the table.

Flexc is working towards expanding its agency network all over the country to source the top talent residing in Tier-II and Tier-III towns. It has supported startups and mid-tier organizations, fulfilling their talent requirements, and plans to approach large corporations. Flexc plans to foray into global markets in the coming years and introduce its product to more multinational organizations.