Flobiz: A New Way to Business

Technology has brought about drastic change in the mechanism of the business world. Its debut had iron out the path of gaining grounds in this competitive environment. Recent studies have also found out that the technological advent is encouraging the small and medium business to step up to the plate and make significant mark in the market. Observing the power of technology, the opportunists and the suitable occasion, Rahul Raj set his mind on developing a mobile app that would bring these three components under one roof. His chief intention has been to make an outright inclusion of technology within the SME sector. With this very end in vie, he laid the foundation of Flobiz, a platform that connects with Tally to bring all business directly on the mobile. "I have spent many years in industry. And being a founder myself, I definite understand the tight corners an entrepreneur experiences in managing the business and setting a well constructed position in the market. The idea of taking an initiative of making things easier and plain sailing for every big and small enterprise came upon and led to the establishment of Flobiz," narrates, Rahul Raj, Founder & CEO, Flobiz.

To cut corners on the lengthy and complicated business methods, the company has always been on its toes to put forth a technologically equipped platform to facilitate business operations at a touch of a button. In the main, it is a Tally integrated app that brings business straight away to the Smartphone's of every small and medium business holder. Through Flobiz businesses can easily call their tune over the strategies, customers and also keep a track of their overall sales and performance. Besides this, the 360 degree visibility of the app allows easy monitoring of GST invoices, Track Expenses, supplier management, payment reminders and other similar activities. The benefit of using this app is being able to root about financial data anytime and at any place. He adds, "The features Flobiz app is designed in a way so as to get every financial and business detail in a Smartphone. However, while devising this system we did make sure to make it risk-free. So basically, we are a safe and secure app enabling using easy office access, automatic backup and empowering clients administer multiple companies through the same forum."

Flobiz grants the facility of creating and sending attractive GST-complaint invoice across the customers, remain updated with all unique credit period of the customers, share amazing reports, monitor all the expenses to save money, manage purchases and suppliers, obtain unique credit period for
customers and receive as well as send automated payment reminders.

The means of availing the benefits of this app is quite elementary. One can simple go to the above mentioned app, download Flobiz and register by putting up the basic and essential information. It can also be availed in computers. "We have made Flobiz available in Google Playstore as well as on Windows. The unique features of our app help the users keep their data safe, secure and accessible across different devises. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where businesses can witness a positive growth which will eventually boost up the economy of the country as well,"

Rahul Raj,Founder & CEO

Business Growth
Helps To Make Smarter Business Decisions By Getting Real-Time Intelligence From Your Tally Data

Manage Customer Outstanding
Monitors Customer's Receivables, Vendor Payments And Cash Balances Anytime, Anywhere. You Don't Need To Wait For Your Accountants Anymore

Improve Sales Performance
Tracks Sales Figures, Identifies Top Selling Items And Analyses Trends To Grow Your Earnings Significantly

The 360 degree visibility of the app allows easy monitoring of GST invoices, track expenses, supplier management, payment reminders and other similar activities

Share Beautiful GST Invoices
Empowers Clients To Create And Send GST-Compliant Invoices With Your Company Logo To Customers

Tracks Numbers At One Place
Enables Companies To Share Beautifully Customized Reports With Valuable Customers And Sales Agents Through Email And Whatsapp

Manages Purchases And Suppliers
Keeps Every Client Updated With All The Payables And Stock Details, Manages And Improves The Overall Relationship With Suppliers

Provides Outstanding Receivables Data
Assists To Set Unique Credit Periods For Customers And Stay Aware Of The Collections In Order To Manage Working Capital Efficiently