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Mehul Bhatt,CEO & Co-Founder

Mehul Bhatt

CEO & Co-Founder

It all started in the year 2010 when Mehul Bhatt, an engineering professional having worked across the globe with various start-ups to MNCs decided to return back to India and be a part of the country’s growth story. Owning an experience of over fifteen years in the technological domain, Mehul’s entrepreneurial dream took a huge leap in 2015 when he observed that there was a dearth of inefficiency at the time of hiring talents. Amongst the diverse problems prevailing in the industry in regards to hiring talent, Mehul noticed that one of the reasons why companies were not able to hire talent was due to the eye-catching inefficiencies at the time of hiring. Mehul being a staunch believer of the fact that Job Creation is the solution to most, if not all, of the societal problems and inspired by it, decided to venture into the HR Technology space along with Pravin Agarwala(Co-Founder)and made a significant difference in the talent acquisition space with the mission of helping one company at a time to build a stronger nation & a better community. Thus, FloCareer was born.

As the recent trends have radically reshaped workplaces by changing their traditional human resources processes to newer technology-driven methods, the companies now look to hire talent who adhere to the core competency of the organization. FloCareer ideally fits into the picture and vouches to tackle the major problem that pretty much every industry faces finding the right connections in terms of the right talent & expertise with its smart unique hybrid approach. “While working across industries, I realized that spending an enormous amount of time in the interview process was counter productive for many companies. Moreover, people merely claimed assorted skills on their resume. Though the candidate appeared perfect for the given job but when the HR and hiring team began with the interview process, they struggled to find the right match. Thus, we decided to establish ourselves as a platform that validates the skills of the candidates using varied technological
applications and experts’ human touch to achieve the end goal of reducing the burden of the hiring team,”speaks Mehul.

FloCareer within a short span of time has been able to cater solutions to 50+ happy customers across and is conducting 1000+ interviews per month

Institutionalised as a platform that captivates the founder’s distinctive passion - Technology & Education/ Placement, FloCareer is known to be corporate India’s best buddy to grow faster & smarter. The company strives to solve problems revolving around talent search and skills improvement across multiple facets of hiring. The company aims to have a laser – sharp focus and tackle one problem at a time. Engrossed completely into the skills Validation aspect of the puzzle of hiring, the platform validates the skills claimed by the job-seekers using a unique hybrid solution.

Analytics + Technology + Human Touch - Unique Hybrid Solution
FloCareer’s platform validates the skills claimed by the candidates. The company does it by using a hybrid model of latest matchmaking technology with the human touch of experts. Explaining the innovative process, Mehul mentions, “Our smart algorithm matches job applicants with experts who are eligible to take interviews for a given job opening. FloCareer Experts evaluate candidates for soft skills, hard skills, and abstract concepts as well as they check for cultural fit of the candidate for given company.” Further elucidating on the same, he adds, “This process not only lessens the burden of the hiring team but also empowers the HR team by providing them a crisp pool of pre-interviewed candidates and make hiring faster, smarter and cost-effective.” The key features of the process include bringing objectivity to the subjective evaluation of the candidate by enabling experts across the globe to work as an extended team of the hiring companies.

FloCareer within a short span of time has been able to cater solutions to 50+ happy customers across and with conducting 1000+ interviews per month. With a team led by 25 people and driven by the core value of ‘Empathy & Curiosity’, in addition to the world-class technology being deployed, the company also builds in a strong group of Subject Matter Experts
(SMEs)who work as an extended team for their customers. Its sharp focus on the process of skills validation with a growing community of experts helps in brainstorming, discuss and come up with innovative ideas to validate skills in a short period of time.

Creating a Plethora of Opportunities for All
Bangalore based FloCareer recently has launched solutions for Blue/Grey collar job roles that are selected for the Product Launch at the India Manufacturing Show 2017. With helping companies, FloCareer also creates a win-win solution for the experts and freelancer who can depend on FloCareer to have a solid secondary income. Ready for an exponential growth for the upcoming year 2018 and beyond, Bhatt concludes, “We have plans to expand into Grey/Blue collar workforce solutions and reach out to millions of people across the country.”

Key Management :
1. Mehul Bhatt, CEO & Co-Founder, FloCareer: After about 15 years of journey in technology domain across the globe and enjoying various responsibilities from start-ups / small companies to MNC, Mehul plunged into the entrepreneurial voyage with venturing FloCareer. His experience in networking, virtualization, highly-scalable, distributed systems design have helped FloCareer garner immense scalability within a short period of time.

2. Mohit Jain, COO & Partner, FloCareer- A Global IT leader and a seasoned professional with 20 years of IT experience, Mohit Jain as the COO & Partner at FloCareer strives to derive the best-proven result for the platform.

3. Pravin Agarwala, Co-Founder, FloCareer - An industry veteran, a global tech leader, an entrepreneur and a dreamer, Pravin has served the position of VP and Global Head at SAP and has remained as a part of many technology-led startups as advisor and director. At FloCareer, he with his immense knowledge aims to meet the needs through end-to-end lifecycle management of Assessment, Training, and Placement.

Clients They Serve :
• TechChefs
• Cloud Lending
• Global Delight
• Yodlee (Envestnet)
• Finxera
• Brand Muscle