FluoDigital: Mastering the Art of Data-Driven Digital Strategies

Rahul Soni,Founder

Rahul Soni


Marketing has under-gone a massive transformation in the past few years and the traditional ways in the segment are long gone now. The shift has been visible from Television commercials, direct mailers, and telemarketing to branding & digital portrayals now. Businesses are rapidly moving towards digital marketing that is assisting them to increase their consumer engagement and influence conversions in the industry. Zooming into a bigger picture, digital techniques are also evolving by bringing newer strategies & methods with the changing time. Here comes, Performance marketing as one of the effective marketing techniques that promise sales, revenue and business growth, unlike others that assure likes & awareness. One such company that has mastered delivering the best RoI with this booming marketing strategy is FluoDigital.

The ideation of the company took place by a team of three zealous mates who strived to make a breakthrough in the marketing sector with their innovative ideas and unconventional solutions. While Rahul Soni is the brain behind its establishment, he was supported and backed by two others during the hardships in terms of operations.

The journey as a new player in this highly competitive market brought several challenges. This working-class individual who left everything back to pursue his desire was hindered by lack of financial support & trust
from brands. The bootstrapped company strived immensely to mark standards and reach a stable position in the domain. Throwing light on the initial days, Rahul Soni says, "The propagation of presence and gaining the attention of the clients involved great efforts. It was an ad-venturous attempt and could be summed up as a rollercoaster ride."

With a diversified service portfolio in place, FluoDigital offers its clients a wide array of solutions that helps them generate more sales and pitch to a huge customer base. From Digital Strategy & Planning, User Experience Design, Brand Development, Social Media Marketing, and Media Planning & Media Buying, to Web Development the company specializes in creating best digital solutions that not only generate massive exposure for them but also help them build better communication with the customers.

Scaling the operations, FluoDigital is developing FluoInsights, an AI-based tool to showcase user required details based on voice commands or queries

While serving brands, agencies & publishers it has collaborated with several creative agencies for making the clients experience overall benefits of digital media. "Agencies have all resources but the media knowledge is what they lack in the scenario. Partnering with few brands, we are helping our clients to grow on the creative side and reach a wider client base," he exclaims.

With the data-driven performance marketing approach, FluoDigital concentrates on every minute data of clients. It puts forward thorough research, analyses the data and caters to best-fit solutions for the clients. With a high-performing team, it is working to provide end conversions to them. Prioritizing the strong Brand-Customer relationship, it operates on the grounds of continuously working with the brand by gaining & updating consumer insights. Converting the derived data into a brand portraying story is the forte of FluoDigital.

Bringing Something New to the Table
Having its presence in Indore & Mumbai the company is planning to expand footprints to Dubai as well. Backed by strong technological innovations, it is continuously involved in developing tools for accurate analysis of data. It is operating with cutting edge software such as GlobalWebIndiex and others which are not affordable by many marketing agencies. "Scaling the operations, we are building FluoInsights, an AI-based tool to showcase user required details based on voice command or queries," he concludes.