Flyingpepper: A Virtual Friend of Your State of Mind

 Nitul Choudhury,   FounderIndia is one of the countries with significant mental health issues. Even now, about half of the population avoids discussing it because it is considered a 'social taboo'. Many people are terrified of being unable to overcome mental health issues by talking about them. Depression and anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly widespread in our time. The good news is that our generation is aware of it and is working to improve by seeking assistance. COVID-19 sent us into a deep depression. Many people developed major mental health problems as a result of isolation, sadness, and trauma.

This statistical market research repository investigates and evaluates the regional mental health market. The India Mental Health Market is estimated to develop at a 15 percent CAGR between 2022 and 2028. Startups intend to take a more balanced approach to health and well-being, from connecting citizens with therapists to using AI and smart technology to detect and treat mental diseases. FLYINGPEPPER being established in 2020 is a committee to provide mental and emotional support affordable and accessible for everyone. It is trying to create awareness through FLYINGPEPPER's community pages and social channels and thereby breaking the stigma around it.

Financial constraints are a major source of distress for patients seeking treatment. The belief that therapy is prohibitively expensive is widespread. "The idea of inception was the first to come to me. From college to my first employment at a petrochemical business, I
struggled with severe depression and other mental health difficulties. Online therapy and mental health support were unfamiliar to me. How ever, I found online support platforms expensive. Middle class college students found it pricey", says Nitul Choudhury, Founder, FLYINGPEPPER.

FLYINGPEPPER acts as an emotional/Mental support system. It offers therapeutic/Psychiatric help through listed professionals while focusing on affordability and quality at the same time. It showcases a wide range of services. We use all modes of therapy techniques depending on the need. Some namely REBT, CBT, NLP, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy including medication help (Psychiatrists). “We also conduct support groups managed by therapists, and webinars and offer customized sessions too. Depending on their needs, clients can schedule consultations with any of their selected providers at their desired times. Anytime chat support is also available to provide assistance or direction while booking a session. Additionally, we are running some customizable packages also focusing on the Individuals & requirements and offer them the flexibility to go ahead only if they are satisfied with the first session", speaks Nitul.

We are trying hard every day to make therapy highly affordable and accessible for people from all sections of society while maintaining the quality

Since its inception, the company is aiming in giving affordable and quality services. The company has trauma related clients who improved after working with Flying Pepper. Some customers were suicidal and had given up all chance of ever living. They recovered and resumed normal functioning. Depression, anxiety, and relationship problems are the most common. They improved, and there are several examples. More than 2,800 customers have used the company's services, and 5,800 service sessions have been provided to them. The company has proven itself worthy of confidence, and its success has been steady.

Future Roadmap
FLYINGPEPPER is currently operating as a platform for providing therapeutic and mental health support. In the days ahead, it will make more use of both technology and content in order to build an ecosystem that functions as a powerful and comprehensive support platform with a greater emphasis on individualized care. The mission of the company is very simple i.e. to make mental health and emotional support affordable and accessible for everyone. While it is still in a very basic state now, it is working on introducing and using technology to provide better and more effective support.