Force India Beverages: Offering Soft Drinks with Natural Extracts

Mr.Ashok Khanpara,Managing Director

Mr.Ashok Khanpara

Managing Director

The food & beverages industry in India constitutes about 40 percent of its consumer packaged goods industry. The market for food & beverages was valued at USD 33.22 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 156.25 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 29.88% during the forecast period. The demand for ready-to consume foods and drinks in the fast-paced era and the rising awareness for hygienic intake of food products with natural substances are the key driving force behind the growth of this industry.

However, the lack of domestic brands offering quality products is a major factor for the foreign companies dominating the space of food & beverages in the country for ages. As a result of such deep market penetration, the leading foreign companies have been publicized at a level where they have become a preference to the Indian demographic. Along with the fact, the pandemic outbreak has turned people towards healthy and hygienic food consumption in order to develop healthy food habits and consume nature based packaged foods or drinks.

This is where Force India Beverages came into being to offer the country the goodness of soft drinks by infusing natural fruit extracts into them with competitive cost. Since its inception in 2017, Force India has aimed at providing taste with natural ingredients to the Indian mass and becoming a leading home grown label in the domain of food & beverages with the essence of Indian traditional drinks. Their offerings are available in the market under the brand name Favrito. Force India is entrusted with quality and composes the products with natural

Quality Assurance
Force India offers a range of 13 specialized beverages with superlative quality including KADAK Jeera Soda, Kesari Juicy Orange, FL Freshlemon, Seb Juicy Apple natural soft drink, power punch soft drink, carbonated soft drinks and natural fruit drinks Mango, Orange, Lychee, Guava. Their beverages are prepared under the supervision of the experts with compliance to FSSI guidelines. Force India maintains a strong suit of hygienic measures when it comes to packaging. The packaging is designed for one time use and their workspace is fully automated in order to run uninterrupted and error free production. The beverages are made of natural fruit extracts to bring out the best taste with quality.

Force India is entrusted with quality and composes the products with natural substances.

In order to combine natural substances, they reach for best resources such as Nagpur for orange extracts and Kashmir for apple. They provide the taste of seasonal fruits throughout the year so that the consumer can enjoy the goodness of seasonal fruits with a pinch of taste whenever they wish to. Force India sources the best to keep up with the quality of the beverages and keeps experimenting with its offerings in order to develop more products. Their Kadak jeera drink and FL Fresh lemon are outstanding refreshments and effective for digestion. Force India’s automated facilities enable them to acquire large production capacity and execution of timely delivery of bulk orders. Their well managed supply channel helps them to mark their presence across the country.

Mr.Bharat Khanpara, Managing Director
Future Roadmap
Bharat Khanpara, Managing Director of Force India Beverages states, “We are currently operating in our hometown, Gujarat. We are going to expand Favrito in the border areas of Rajasthan and thinking of covering entire Rajasthan in this year. We are planning to start our distribution in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra as well and we are hoping to run there full fledged within a year. Soon there will be soon need to set up plants in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra”.