Forge Consulting: One-Stop Solution For All Recruitment Needs

Vijay Thallada, Founder & CEO

Vijay Thallada

Founder & CEO

It’s remarkable how much of a productivity kicker an organization gets from top talent. Since business leaders know that talent is valuable and scarce, one might assume that they would also know how to find it. Unfortunately, its a rare feat. There exists a void between accomplished individuals seeking employment opportunities and organizations on the lookout for such skilled workforce. Established in 2016, Forge Consulting has been a one stop destination for all things recruitment that aims to fill the void between organizations & skilled workforce.

Forge was founded by Vijay Thallada, who has a diverse leadership experience of 13 years in the Technology and Finance sectors. It is headquartered in Hyderabad and has satellite offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. The services offered by Forge Consulting include Permanent Recruitment, Bulk Hiring Services, Contract Staffing, Trainings & Deployments.

The Industry Is Still Absorbing The Work From Home Culture
There have been a lot of notable changes in the recruitment sector in the past years, and it is likely to evolve more in the coming years. It has witnessed a lot of aspects like a lot of funded startups are ready to spend money for a suitable resource. This was not the case
before, as the employers were ready to offer a competitive salary to candidates that had multiple offers in hand. The Covid was a driving force towards the work from home culture, and the industries are still processing the changed work culture norms. With multiple startups taking place in the pandemic that are offering better packages, the MNC’s too are offering competitive CTC to prospective candidates.

The organizations are constantly looking forward to hiring hardworking and talented candidates who, in addition, meet all their requisites. Though the job is challenging, Forge Consulting makes it an easy task for organizations. The company has a clear vision and focuses on the areas that need particular attention and lead towards success. The employees are well trained and certified and fit into the employment requisites of the organization.

Triple Filtration Of Profiles
Forge works through experienced people from the industry who make it easier to find a suitable candidate for a particular position. The trained professionals at the company work closely with the clients to get things done within the given time frame and the given professional requisites. The company has triple filtration of profiles One at recruiter stage, 2nd at TL stage, and finally at Manager level. It has a well trained business development team that engages in direct customer dealing.

Forge Consulting is fulfilling the Recruitment requisites of the Organizations with trained and certified employees

Forge Consulting has entailed an incredible journey since the day it started. It has gained a rich experience in the sector and has qualitatively increased multi folds. The measurement of success for the company is the accolades that it has won from its clients and candidates. Their happiness is the most significant achievement that could be. It has gradually managed to grow from one to four locations geographically.

For the future, Forge Consulting envisions to be a listed company. It wants to enter into overseas recruitment and gain international clients. It also plans to start Forge Foundation and a Forge Academy to train the workforce and further fulfill the employment requisites of the organizations. For the present, it wants to concentrate on passive (Associate and above) and super passive(Leadership)roles.