Forrtuna: Ai-Based Platform Diminishing The Geographical Limitations For Buyers & Lenders Across The Country

Bhupendra Jain,Co-Founder

Bhupendra Jain


The entire ecosystem of borrowing and lending is dependent upon the transparency of the processes. As easy as offline process was earlier, it however had some drawbacks which posed implications upon the buyer and the lender. Some of them were ­ biased procedures, lack of accuracy in documents, high operation costs involved, long TAT, limited access and no data privacy. This is when online concept kicked in, to make the process more classified, simplified and transparent.

Forrtuna is an advanced finTech company that aims to revolutionise the experience of availing retail loans in the country through cutting edge technologies & automation. We use proprietary technologies to originate and distribute personal loans, business loans, housing loan and education loans to Indian working class and SME businesses of the country.

Onboarding Made Faster & Easier
"Our vision was to use digital technology to create a platform where there is complete transparency about the process and outcome of the loan applications. Building trust among our partners and customers has been one of our main objectives", says Bhupendra.

Established in 2020, Forrtuna works through in-house developed sophisticated AI-based self-learning and auto-improving algorithms that runs a check on the eligibility parameters of the deserving borrowers to match them with the appropriate lenders and that too at optimum costs. The company's partnership with a wide range of lenders enables it to offer credit even to first time borrowers having no CIBIL score/zero credit history.
Forrtuna offers loans from P2P lenders, Digital NBFCs, Traditional NBFCs and Banks is capable of serving SME's too. The motto is to facilitate credit access to all kinds of small to big enterprises. The borrowing range starts as low as Rs.5000 to as huge as Rs. 10 crores. The entire process is taken care by the AI enabled platform while the users can access to the credit requirements as easy as a click of a button. The application is then submitted to shortlisted lenders and within a few hours the applicant is informed about the decision of the Lenders.

Ruchira Jain,

Forrtuna offers more than 100 loan/product options to the borrowers across all the segments which makes it one of the few players going beyond geographical limitations. The easy accessibility of the platform allows on-boarding within 5 minutes and has led to a rise in significant numbers of business partners adding each day.

Forrtuna uses proprietary technologies to originate & distribute personal loans, business loans, housing loan & education loans to Indian working class & SME businesses of the country

Supporting the Initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat
Forrtuna has launched the business model of Forrtuna PoS whereby any individual/firm engaged in serving individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs for their accounting, finances, loans, taxation or any of the financial services can join us as Partner. This would enable these service providers to take their business to next level by offering them a full range value added services to set up new business, government registrations, filings, compliances, wealth management as well as raise funds for expansions.

The ultimate goal is to create a network of Forrtuna FinXperts across the country who can offer these financial services in interior parts of the country and serve the national objective of Atamnirbhar Bharat by promoting financial inclusion and self-employment.