Fosterjee: A Digital Academy For Scholastic Needs

 B.K Behera ,   FounderIn India data availability has gone rural. The next step is to make India surface formal literacy through the competitive digital medium rather than restricting e-talents as viral Tiktokers. As internet penetration rises, India awaits the most expected educational revolution through remote learning platforms. Venturing into the digital e-learning avenue, Fosterjee is spinning out multiple outreach programs that are available via the internet offering courses content across mathematics and science.

Fosterjee has curated a plethora of content aligned to the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary/Higher Education. Instead of a random dump of information, the portions are arranged for needy learners who can relate more to the courses that are parallel to their school syllabus. This approach has a two-way benefit. Firstly they can get extra hands to regular study on the other hand, get interactive videos which are short, crisp and easy to grasp for all brackets of learners.

The Fosterjee mobile application is available on both iOS and Android devices with some great interactive features with amazing couture for UX. The look feel appeal makes it more welcoming for growing young and helps the learners to focus better onscreen. On top of it is easy on fingers as It requires a name, email id and contact number to get registered with one click.

Cutting Through Competitions
It's difficult to permeate a cumbersome market populated by big disruptors who moving their courses online. The most common trait among the players is to monetize their e-learning schemes, losing the reach of worthy learners. Instead of confining education to a financial shell, Fosterjee courses are economic, relatable and free. A tremendous uptick in the Indian sentiments to make maths and science lessons affordable to all.

Right from the initial phase of Silicon valley, India has been the leading factory for technocrat brilliance and all it needs is a little push from modern educators to make it prime. Unfortunately, many students from poor economy classes drop the pursuit of science at a very early age. As it's costly to get tutored for science and maths subjects or for engineering entrance exams which are difficult to crack without expert guidance. Where cheap mobile data gets more available in suburbs and villages, applications like Fosterjee are a big boon to drive the promising minds of techwards. This is a young one-year-old startup that has
crossed a 500+ subscriber base and sprinting ahead to make space in the booming e-learning market.

Fosterjee originated from its parent website MathsGenii, which catered to maths and science courses from grades 4 to 12. Targeting the lower grade students MathsGenii courses will be relaunched under the brand name FosterJEE Junior, catering to all grades and subjects under one umbrella.

Discovering New Avenues
The efforts didn't stop here. Under the reign of enthusiast B K Behera, Founder, Fosterjee has specially curated content for JEE or Joint Entrance Exam and NEET or national eligibility cum entrance test aspirants. It has a variety of reading digests, question paper bunch, and JEE Mains test papers covering all subjects including physics, chemistry and mathematics. In addition to that, the platform will soon provide SAT exam preparation materials so that more Indian students can enter the global competition in finding the right college to pursue their graduate studies.

Right now the mission is to make our presence felt in the industry across the country and expand digitally to grow in this sector, focusing on the core to make education accessible to the lower sects of the society

Similarly, prep courses for postgraduate level courses like CAT, GATE and other entrance exams are also in pipeline. Fosterjee team of experts have a sound experience in the finance and retail industry including course diversity affordable course materials for Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) level exams will be the new focus for the platform.

As many Indian students are interested in studying abroad, Fosterjee will soon introduce courses for international postgrad qualifying exams like GRE and GMAT. This segment is especially focused on those who are looking for scholarships to make overseas education accessible for all deserving candidates who cannot afford the cost of these high-end courses.

Being globally available is the major advantage of being present online. While it's lengthening its product portfolio, the team is trying to widen its expanse by tying up with schools that would like to include Fosterjee content as an additional guide for maths and science and other subjects like English & Mathematics. The next step is to start advertising digitally for overseas schools located in UAE, Qatar Oman following the CBSE curriculum.

Broadcasting Digitally
Fosterjee is gradually gaining popularity in the national student base and immediate action to reach more students is to route its expansion strategy through digital marketing. For better brand exposure, it's running multiple campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter. The digital route has proven to be an excellent way to televise the new courses and updates on the platform and is driving huge traffic to the website.

B K Behera added, “Right now the mission is to make our presence felt in the industry across the country and expand digitally to grow in this sector, focusing on the core to make education accessible to the lower sects of the society”. Fosterjee promises to stay more passion-driven than commercializing its products, as its team of experts can continue educating amass to needy learners to take up bigger challenges in life.