Four Corners Technologies: Erasing Contraptions in Business with IoT Solutions

Madhusudhan Rao,   Managing Director

Madhusudhan Rao

Managing Director

The Internet of Things has been on the track dynamically transforming significant sectors across different industry verticals over the years. IoT has been a vanguard in the digital transformation of businesses and has managed to constantly elevate the efficiency and productivity.Four Corners Technologies, based out of Bengaluru, is a lead player in the IoT domain that provides solutions as well as assists businesses in adopting the latest technologies. Four Corners Technologies, also known as 4CT, strives to build a new wave of technology by persisting as a channel for incredible transformation in the way facilities are operated, data is visualized, and IoT is integrated.

Specialized expertise in Audio Visuals, Infrastructure, and Energy
One of the significant uses of IoT would be its contribution to the profit centric utilization in household and business. Four Corner Technologies enables this advantage for businesses by improving the energy efficiency of buildings, which is something that has become a necessity in the present scenario of the world. Moreover, the company provides workspace automation in facilitating operations in accordance with
advanced AI and Machine Learning integration, along with bettering the safety and security systems with sophisticated analytics. 4CT possesses indepth domain knowledge in IoT realm, which helps to develop designs focused on enduser perspective. Along with solutions, the company has been able to spread the awareness about the usage of IoT within facilities and multiplatform connectivity. The company converges data from numerous sources and incorporates multilayered analyses to connect the workspaces better and reduce corporate barriers.

4CT possesses indepth domain knowledge in IoT realm, which helps to develop designs focused on enduser perspective

“Since the company is offering solutions, multiple demos, presentations, and one on one interaction have been a major part of the company’s growth during the initial years of establishment. We focused on the pain points of our clients, which enabled us to analyze the causation factors and give solutions that would solve the exact issue and not just going around it” says Madhusudhan Rao, Managing Director, Four Corner Technologies. The company bagged the title for the Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award presented by the International Achievers Conference. The company has been listed on various other platforms over the years for ensuring quality on every level and commitment towards project deliveries.

The company exhibited an eightfold growth in the year 2017-18 as compared to the previous years. The current year has seen a multifold growth. 4CT has been executing over 20 projects across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The company aims to achieve foremost position as the tech partners for companies across the globe, sharing knowledge with the best in order to advance the know-how, and catalyze growth for all involved. Four Corners Technologies is backed by a high-performing team which is focused on building creative innovations that constructs a healthy and exciting environment. The team is proficient in creating a culture of their own that leans towards a startup culture but also sticks to industrial standards. 4CT has also introduced new verticals in the industries of building automation system and digital transformation, bringing in more diversity.