foxyCoop: Smarter Decision Making Platform for Smartphone Buyers

Praveen Kaujalgikar, FounderWith rising disposable income, cheaper internet access, and the need to stay connected, India's smartphone market is one of the largest smartphone markets, worldwide. Still in its nascent stage, Indian smartphone market is expected to grow further. Further more, the introduction of budget smartphones, with several features, by existing and new brands, have increased competition and options in the market. As a result, consumers are bombarded with information that is hard to access and comprehend.

Simplifying this decision making process is foxyCoop, an aggregator platform for e-commerce products. The NCR based startup has designed a specialized platform that can recommend users which product best suits their needs. The Beta version of the platform hosts an array of information about mobile phones tools, latest news, content all to help people make informed decisions about their next mobile phone. A trademark product of Odlicen Ventures Private Limited, through its platform, foxy CoopTM aims to become the go to platform for consumers who are researching for their next mobile device purchase.

Simple, Intuitive & User Friendly Platform
The genesis for foxyCoop began when Praveen Kaujalgikar, Founder was looking to buy mobile phones for his parents. He soon realized that it is easy to fall into the black
hole of information on Google or be restricted by thescope of knowledge of friends and family. This dilemma led to the development of a platform that provides its users recommendations considering their budgets and needs and information that is palatable.

The platform's mobile comparison feature is simple, intuitive, and user friendly. Users can have a good view of the mobile phones and compare features. In case there is a price drop in a users' desired model, the user can make use of the price drop alert facility once they are a subscribed user. Apart from this, the platform also informs its users of all the new offers available on various platforms.

"For its gadget enthusiast and tech savvy audience, foxyCoop provides best prices and offers for the mobile phones across various platforms and shows weekly and monthly price graphs," says Praveen. To further improve their customers' experience, the firm will soon launch an intelligent assistance feature that will help users with selection and purchase mobile phones.

The foxyCoop platform currently features all categories of mobile phones for users to compare. As a startup, they envision working not only with consumer electronics and telecom brands, but also leading online retailers, gadget gurus and budding gadget enthusiast community, to promote their products and offers through innovative ways of advertising.

Growth Vision
The technical background and experience of almost 14 years in the IT industry, was a helpful skill for Praveen in overcoming the technical challenges faced during the development of foxyCoop platform. In the formative stage, Praveen received a helping hand in development from his spouse Priyanka, who is also a skilled IT professional. Now, the company expects to expand marketing and promotions to maximize their audience reach.

Though they currently focus on the mobile phones category, foxyCoop envisions to include more electronic consumer goods, such as television, laptop, smart healthcare gadgets under its gamut of products. Praveen further adds, "As we can see a huge rise in the IoT devices to be used in the day to day activities, it also creates confusion among users to buy the gadget that best suits their need, and we want to help our consumers by becoming the go to platform for such decisions.

"foxyCoopTM envisions to evolve into a smart e-commerce platform, with end-to-end supply chain enabler that lets brands, sellers, whole salers, distributors, and factories come together to access financing, logistics, and everything that is a part of the ecommerce/retail ecosystem.